Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five

FF - 4/5

This week all five projects happened to be shoved into one corner. 

I've been working on something big that I needed the desk space for and this is what the other side looks like right now.

It's composed of:
1. More scrappy trip blocks
2. X plus pieces, cut but not sewn
3. Rows for Scrap Vomit in the purple/red box
4. The blue box is overflowing with HST for smorgasquilt. I want it to be a monster so I just keep making them between projects.
5. And a muslin for a bust adjustment. 

What a wreck. 
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  1. Certainly a varied collection in your scrap heap there :oD

  2. it can get out of control awfully fast can't it!

  3. I have no idea what *a musliin for bust adjustment* means, but it sounds like fun ;0)

  4. That pile of stitched purple and blue fabrics looks pretty gigantic! What are you working on over there??? I'll be watching! (That sounds spookier than I meant it to :)).


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