Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five - Out of the Studio Edition

I've spent the past few days out of my studio and instead working in the dining room.

It's been warming up here and my dining room has a great set of sunny french doors.
There's not a lot of sun in my studio, which is great for my fabric but sometimes I just want to work in full sunshine.

Now I'm glad I kept my old iron and my ugly table ironing board. It's perfect for setting up shop somewhere else:

Today's agenda: Hexie kits in every color. And maybe some specialty ones (Tula and Heather Ross)

Yesterday was spent cutting. And cutting and cutting. Cutting papers. Cutting fabric. And cutting ribbon to wrap it all up.

The warm weather inspired me to spend some time restocking hexie kits in the shop.

I think I'm done cutting for today.

Trying sometime different this time around. First cutting kits by color and soon cutting some kits by line.

I've also been gathering up stray projects that need to make their way into the studio to be finished.

Some hexie flowers for Hush Bella:

I think this is about half the flowers for the quilt. Maybe...

And some Tiny Tumblers that I had cut down at Fabricate for the Tiny Quilt Club: 

I love you Tiny Tumblers.

I'm not exactly sure what my studio desk looks like right now. 

Maybe I'll be completely crazy and not check on it until Monday. 



  1. Love the Hush Bella hexies, and the tumblers are cute!


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