Monday, July 30, 2012

Soda Pop QAL - Get Your Quilt On

We're almost there.

It's the last step before we have an awesome quilt to curl up with/hang on the wall/ run around with it like a big cape.

Maybe that last step is only for me.

One of the great things is that you should already have your binding made:

Soda Pop Binding

That's the biggest lil' roll of binding I've rolled up.

Before we can bind, we've gotta quilt though.

Important Note!:
Since I know that some of y'all would like to send your quilts off to be long-armed (and how jealous am I), completed tops will be eligible for link-up and prizes.
If you are submitting a top to the link-up it does have to be completely finished tho, including having the petals sewn down, not just ironed. Also, if you can, in your post make a note of the quilting design that you're having done. Are you going for bubbles? Some thing more scroll-like?

Those of us finishing our quilts at home, it's time to get basting and quilting!

Me? I'm a spray baste girl. I don't like pins. But baste as you please! Pins! Thread! Spray! It all works.

Links to Basting Tutorials:
Spray Basting @ Stitched in Color

Pin Basting @ Red Pepper Quilts

Quilting is certainly a personal preference sort of thing. I love that people can make the same block pattern and have the quilting set it off in different ways. I'm using my applique lines as my quilt lines and I'll continue the pattern in the squares.

And now here's where I own up to the silly reasons I don't have mine done:

All my petals are ironed. It's basted to batting.
I did a super quick run to IKEA when I was heading downtown for an event for backing.

I'm talking 15 minutes in and out cause I was running late.

I *thought* I'd grabbed a sheet set.
Not so much.

It's a duvet cover. And I don't really like the double layer. I'd rather not go downtown again either.

So what will I be doing today?

What I'll be doing all day. (Bonus: you can see where I stabbed myself already)

My seam ripper and I are going to be best friends.

The upside is that I'll also have a backing for my Hush Bella (hexyMF) quilt.

The downside is obviously the seam ripping.

Link Up Post is next Monday, Aug. 6th
I'll leave it open for 1 week. (So it'll close Monday Aug. 13th)
This means you've got 2 weeks from today to get your quilts done. 

Links of Interest:

For those that need more info on binding (or even a refresher) I've gathered up some of my favorite online tutorials.
Red Pepper Quilts
Jaybird Quilts
Stitched in Color - Zigzag binding

I absolutely can't wait to see everyone's finished quilt!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Groovy Winner!

Thank you again everyone for stopping by!

I do hope y'all get to join the QAL. It looks like super fun but I have too many projects piling up on me right now.

Winner of the Groovy pattern:
#35 is:

Congrats Jodi! I'll be contacting you for your info so we can get that pattern off to you!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random Hexie Wall Art

Last summer I started keeping a lil' lunch box full of supplies to make hexies.
The fabrics were all completely random. I was using it to figure out exactly how *I* liked to hex.

They've been sitting in the box all basted for awhile now so this week I started to just string them all together in rows.

Then I put the rows together.

I never looked at what hexie I was grabbing.

Yesterday I was looking at what was coming together and I had an idea.

So I grabbed a random piece of binding and some glue and some canvas board:

Hexie Wall Art

No idea what wall to put this on yet. It's still propped against that bookcase shelf at the moment.

It's bright. And happy. And makes me want oh so many more hexie things. 

I think I'm gonna make some more kits for my shop here soon. 

This is part of my Finish-along list too. Which is just a bonus. 

2012 Finish-A-Long

Friday, July 27, 2012

Farmer Friday - Pretty lil' Points edition

I think triangles like me again.

Of course now that I say that I'm going to make a triangle quilt soon and it'll be a disaster. And I'll swear them off. And grumble when they keep sneaking their way back into my life with my Farmer's Wife blocks.

Me and triangles have a very complicated relationship.

Breaking my to-do list for the week down even further into tasks for each day seems to really be working out.

I've got three blocks this week on top of everything else I've been working on.

Blocks 50, 51 & 52:

I keep meaning to paint this table. Or cover it in comics. 
I can never decide.

I think this one is my favorite of the week. 

Since it's noon and my Farmer's Wife is already done and posted for the week I might go cut squares for Scrap Vomit. And make blocks.

First I need the overwhelming glue smell to leave my studio. 

It's pretty bad. I'll be back to show you what the gluing was for tomorrow. If the vapors don't get me.

Now I'm talking about vapors...I swear I need a fainting couch. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Groovy Groovy Giveaway!

Totally Groovy Quilt Along at Pile O' Fabric

The Quilt

Pile O' Fabric has partnered up with Carolina Patchworks (Emily Cier) who is an amazing quilt designer and writer. She wrote Scrap Republic, Quilt Remix, and Pixel Play (coming soon). You can see her work in Modern Blocks, and she is one of the 16 Iconic Quilt Designers in the newly released book, We Love Color.
Groove Quilt Pattern
Groove Pattern
For this Quilt Along we will be using Emily's Groove Quilt Pattern, which Emily will be offering at a discount for all QAL participants. It might seem a bit intimidating, but Emily assures it is much easier than it looks! This will nevertheless be a challenging Quilt Along in Solid Color Selection and Curve Piecing, but still achievable for the newer quilter—and rewarding, too! As you quilt along there will be wonderful tutorials and advice on fabric selection, piecing curves, and quilting techniques from amazing quilters. Emily's patterns are very easy to follow and always have instructions for crib, lap, twin, queen, and king. You are welcome to make this quilt any way you see fit, so if you prefer to use prints then go for it! It will be neat to see everyones own interpretation.

Posts & Schedule

Here are the current scheduled posts for the Quilt Along. We will be learning the ins and outs of curve piecing from amazing quilters Emily CierJacquie GeringAmanda Woodruff, and Kate Conklin. We will also be getting some Groovy Quilting tips from Quilting Extraordinaire Angela Walters. This will be a fantastic learning experience, and a great opportunity to meet some new quilting friends!
  • August 2nd - Planning and Choosing your Fabric (and if you need fabric, I’ve arranged for a 20% discount on Kona Cotton at Fat Quarter Shop)
  • August 9th - Meet the Totally Groovy Designer, Emily Cier
  • August 16th - Cutting your templates
  • August 22nd - Intro to Curves Piecing by Alyssa Lichner
  • August 23rd - Piecing Traditional Curves by Jacquie Gering at Tallgrass Prairie Studio
  • August 30th - Piecing Curves without Pins by Kate Conklin at Kate Conklin Designs
  • September 6th - Piecing Curves without Pins by Emily Cier at Carolina Patchworks
  • September 7th - Piecing Curves with a Curve Master Foot by Amanda Woodruff at A Crafty Fox
  • September 13th - Putting all the pieces together, finishing your quilt top
  • September 20th - Choosing a Backing Design
  • September 27th - A Look at Emily Cier's New Book Pixel Play
  • October 4th - Totally Groovy Quilting Tips by Angela Walters from Quilting is my Therapy
  • October 18th - Wrapping up and linky party begins
  • October 25th - Submissions do for Grand Prize Winners

Sponsors & Prizes

Throughout the course of the QAL, participants will have the chance to win AMAZING prizes from the following Sponsors. For exact prize details you can visit Pile O' Fabric
Totally Groovy QAL Event Sponsors

The Pattern

Carolina Patchworks will be offering all QAL Participants a discount on her pattern.
  • 20% off 2 or more (a great chance to get another one of Emily's wonderful patterns) code: TOTALLYGROOVY
  • 15% off Groove Paper Pattern code: GROOVEPAPER
  • 15% off Groove PDF Pattern code: GROOVEPDF

The Fabric

Fat Quarter Shop is offering all QAL Participants a 20% Discount on all KONA cotton from now till August 30th using code: Sewing101

Enter to Win!

Totally Groovy Quilt Along Giveaway!
Pile O' Fabric is having a giveaway for a Totally Groovy Quilt Package! Everything you need to join the fun $75 to The Fat Quarter Shopto get your fabric and a Groove Quilt Pattern to Quilt Along! This giveaway ends July 31st.

Flickr Group

Join the flickr group, which can be found here. This will be a great place for us to come together and share photos of our progress and get to know each other.

Totally Groovy Button

If you’d like to let people know what fun you are up to or invite your friends to join here is a button!
Pile O' Fabric
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Pile O' Fabric"><img src="" alt="Pile O' Fabric" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Sign up and be entered into a drawing to win a pattern!

Pile O' Fabric would like to get an approximate head count of you all. If you plan to join and Quilt Along please fill out the sign up form, this will NOT commit you to anything. If you sign up you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 10 Groove Patterns (paper).

For complete details of The Totally Groovy Quilt Along you can visit Alyssa at Pile O' Fabric.

Promotional Partners

If you want more chances to win a Groove Pattern then check out these other blogging friends who have offered to help promote the QAL. Some will be giving patterns away!

How does a chance to win this pattern right now sound?

That's right. It's a GIVEAWAY!
I've got a paper copy of the pattern to give to one of my readers.

- All you have to do is leave me a comment right here on this blog. 
Not sure what to say? Since this quilt makes me think of lava lamps you can let me know your feelings on that iconic lighting. Love em? Hate em? Use them to scare the cats? (I used to have terrified Oz. He screamed at it non-stop until I got rid of it).

-Bonus entry: Followers old and new can leave a separate comment here for a bonus entry!

Giveaway will be open until noon EST on Sunday July 29th!

I'm still looking at my schedule of projects to see if I can join in on this one. I really want to. Even if it is a quilt full of curves.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all so very much for the lovely comments you left for me here and at the Moda Bake Shop.

The winner of the Mini quilt and the Charm pack is:
Who was: 

Congrats Debbie! I'll be getting ahold of you shortly. 

Those that didn't win might just want to stop by tomorrow. There might be something else here to give away ;) 

WiP Wednesday - Bubbles and Bloomers Edition

I feel like this week has been rather productive.

I've got a serious plan to finish some things around here and it seems to be working. Breaking down sewing goals for each day is good for me, if a bit exhausting.


My first project at the Moda Bake Shop plus a cute giveaway mini to go along with!

Blockhead Mini

Some bloomers to run around the house in with Tula Pink Nightshade cameos on the bum:



Soda Pop QAL:
Soda Pop - Oh the ironing

Bottled Rainbows:

Bottled Rainbows - Raspberry

Finally got a block done. I agonized over having so many scraps with colors other than the border color but finally decided that this quilt is mine and picking fabrics that make me happy is more important.

No Progress This Week:
Medallion (handstitched class)

Coming Soon:
Hush Bella (my version of Hexy MF)
Mario QAL
Tetris QAL

Completed: 2
WiP: 9

I've been meaning to start both the Mario and the Tetris QALs for a couple of weeks but fabric is getting in my way. I thought I had everything I needed for Mario but I'm short a blue. And I'm just majorly undecisive when it comes to what to use for Tetris. I'm bouncing between all solids and completely scrappy. One would give me an obvious tetris pattern and the other you'd really have to look for it. 

Any votes?

Don't forget to check out the WiP Weds button on my sidebar. It'll take you to Lee's where you can see what everyone else has been up to this week! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Putting Tula Pink Fabric Everywhere I Can.

I'm still not sure where this one started.

I know the basic elements of this crazy idea:

1) I love Tula Pink Fabric. In an almost-obsessive-but-still-just-love sort of way.
2) Rachael has been hosting an awesome Shorts on the Line Series.
3) I've had this bloomer pattern on my to-do list for ages.

There's a good chance I said something on Twitter again too. Y'all know what sort of trouble that gets me into.

Combine that all together and you get this:

Bloomers with Nightshade cameos on the bum! 

Unfortunately, I don't have anyone here to take a pic of them on right now. And I was way too excited to wait.
I really don't think the cats would like to model this one...

The Mr. picked out my background fabric for these. He loved the idea, volunteered to go to the fabric store with me *and* had some serious imput. 

I think I need a fainting couch. 

Clothes and clothing patterns are something I'm pretty comfortable with considering that I sewed clothes before I ever made quilts. So I used this opportunity to try a different technique for finishing seams:

Trying out a new seam finishing technique where I don't have to change any feet on my machine.
Huzzah. No raw edges.
And the best part?
No changing feet on my machine!
Hate changing feet in the middle of a project. I've always used a felling foot to create this look before.
You can see in the picture that it's not as perfect without the foot.
I'm sure practice will change that. 

Ribbon ties on the legs

I ran ribbon through the hem of the legs. The pattern calls for buttonholes but once again I wanted to try something different to keep from changing feet around.
Love how the bows sit just under the hem.

I think it's time to go run around town in these. R told me I could. Or I might have said I would do it anyway and blame it on her.

As if the currently turquoise hair wasn't enough to spot me in a crowd now you can look for the Tula Pink on m'bum!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Soda Pop QAL - Attaching Petals

That was a nice little break there. Hopefully it was enough time for some catch-up work.

Ready to pick things back up again?

This week our task is to attach the petals.

It's a rather simple step. Just a little paper peeling and a little ironing.

Okay...A lot of paper peeling and a lot of ironing.

But I'm enjoying my end of it because my quilt is really starting to come together as I'm placing my rows of petals. And this sort of revealing step in quilting where you see the pieces suddenly click together is my absolute favorite.

Even when it involves ironing.

Soda Pop - Oh the ironing

This week I'm not ahead of my own posts. I'm in fact working right along with y'all.

I'm sure you can notice that there's batting in the picture.

I'm trying something a little different from the book out on my quilt.

Unfortunately I don't have decent access to a longarm quilter and this baby would really be pushing what I could even try to handle on my Janome. So seeing as I don't think I can have the all over bubble quilt pattern, I started to wonder what pattern I did want.

I've got my quilt sandwich already basted here because I'm going to use my stitches to attach the applique as the quilting as well.
I'm still figuring out exactly what I'm doing in the rows that aren't full of petals. I think I might continue the stitch pattern across the squares even if there isn't anything to attach.

So..that's why I'm working with a sandwich. And my steps are a little different.

If you're going for a completely separate quilting pattern then you should be working with your top only. 

Don't forget to check your books out for the guide on how to sew down your petals!

I'll be sure to let y'all now how this idea of quilting and attaching at the same time works out.
Here's hoping I don't have a date with my seam ripper.

I'll be back to check in next Monday! Maybe with a finished quilt even.

Still a lot left in that basket.


Man there's still a lot left in that basket.

*Tip: The tweezers are helping me separate some of the papers that are being pesky. I can easily peel it apart at the point with those. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moda Bake Shop Recipe + Giveaway!

My secret project is out today!


I'm so very very excited. 
Can you tell?

Moda was the first fabric company I was ever introduced to when I started quilting. I'm really thrilled to be one of their Bake Shop Chefs and I have a ton of recipes in my sketchbook to share. 

In honor of my recipe going up today I thought I'd have a lil' giveaway here.

In the process of writing up the tutorial and taking pictures I ended up making some extra blocks. So I sat down last night to turn those into a mini:

Blockhead Mini
Yes, that's a bump in the binding.
And the green is slightly crooked. :(
My machine has a date this week because it's tried to start eating fabric.
Naughty machine.
It's not perfect, but hopefully someone can still love it. 

Measures 11.5" x 12.5".
And I've installed corners on the back if you want to hang it up.

Since the mini isn't perfect I'll be making up another scrap pack for the winner too from my Bucket of Awesome fabrics.
How does a lil' Tula Pink and Heather Ross sound? With some Japanese fabrics and other goodies as well. 

How To Enter:

-If you'd like this mini and the scrap pack to be yours, leave me a comment here letting me know. 
It's open to anyone in the whole wide world.

-I would love it so much if you would stop by the Moda Bake Shop and leave me a comment there but it's certainly not something I'm gonna force anyone to do. So I'm gonna make it an optional bonus entry. If you leave me a comment at MBS just tell me in a separate comment here!

I'll close out entries Weds. July 25th and Noon EST.    Giveaway is now closed! Thank you for entering! 

Now it's time for cupcakes! Good thing I already made them the other day. No need to wait on those pesky bake times. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fat Quarterly Book Winner!

I think Mr. Random got sidetracked with some photo editing today.



It was me.

It's totally still Friday so it's time to wake Mr. Random up and see who's getting a copy of this:

Looks like #23 is Robin! Who said:

Yay! Congrats Robin! I'll be emailing you shortly.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and entering. 

Those of you doing the QAL with me, the petal post will go up on Monday. We're in the home stretch of finishing those Soda Quilts! 

Farmer Friday - #47 doesn't exist edition

I had no plans to skip blocks.


Which is why I tried twice to make block 47. It's just not coming together. Something seems wrong with my templates. Or my sewing.

Or both.

So for the moment #47 doesn't exist.

I spent about two hours trying to work on it which ate up some of my time for blocks.
Only two this week.

Farmer's Wife #48 + 49:

FW 48   49
I set my cupcake down to take the photo. 
Didn't realize until I was uploading that it was in the frame. 
I left the book open to show that you could all see how it's evil. 

You can tell piecing is going badly at my house if I take a break to bake.

Which I did.

Red velvet cupcake anyone? 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sailor mouth swap

As an English major I have a love for all language. Even that which is considered naughty.

Also, I occasionally have the tendency to use some sailor like language when sewing isn't going well.
The Mr. has been known to judge whether or not to ask me about a project based on if he's heard the actual lyrics of me singing along with Pandora or some more...colorful ones.

Last week I decided I wanted to use my very pretty fabrics to make something that has these rather naughty words in it.


Blog Button 1 by Camille 


Blog Button #2 by Laura

My desire for handmade naughty words has turned into a swap and the lovely Camille is helping me keep things organized (because I'm the slightest bit ADD at the moment).

After the original invites went out over Twitter and such we realized we still have a lil' bit of room. 
So I thought I'd make a blog post.

The Details:
-This is a small swap. At the moment I unfortunately don't have the attention to give to anything huge so it's capped 30-40 people for the time being. I know I don't like being in a swap where the swap mama takes awhile to respond to questions/concerns and I don't want to run anything like that. We're already at 10. 

-Swapping one big item (mini quilt/wall hanging, purse/pouch, hooped embroidery over 5", pillow)
Small items as extras are acceptable but the big item is the most important. Think tons of french knots, paper piecing. Just because a word is naughty doesn't mean it can't be stunning. 

-There will be one month to sew. Hoping to have partners out by the 1st. 

-There's a good chance your partner will be international so be prepared for international shipping. 

Camille and I are hoping this swap runs smoothly so we're looking for swappers that already have a successful swap under their belts. 
I am hoping in the future to run a more beginner friendly swap but this one isn't it. (Working on plans for some sort of hexie swap. It'll be open to everyone with no member cap.)

If you are interested in joining, please leave me a comment with your Flickr name. If everything checks out then we'll send you an invite to the group.
If you have any questions you can certainly leave me a comment too and I can get back to you by email.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Breaks

I have one of those projects right now that is driving me slightly mad.
It's not a bad thing at all.
I'm just working out the pattern for myself, off of my own design and wondering exactly how many pictures I should take and at what point do I reach too many....

So I took a lil' break from it.
To make these:

Polaroid Swap

There's a Polaroid Block Swap on Flickr right now and I just couldn't resist. You make as many as you'd like (in sets of 5) and send them off with a SASE.
Mine got dropped off with the mailman today.
And I'll get back thirty completely different blocks.

It'll be one of those perfect little surprises in the mailbox.

It's back to my graph paper and colored pencils.
I think I have a rather valid argument for EQ software now.

To avoid my desk looking like this:

Current state of the desk

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Precious QAL update

Looks like it's time for another My Precious QAL update!

Since I finished using up my Peeps stash last month I had to start something new. 

This past month has seen some serious cutting into my stash of Tula Pink.
And by serious I mean all of it.
I've chopped up every bit of the older Tula lines that I owned and I'm working them into two quite different quilts.

The first set is the background for my Grape Soda quilt for my Soda Pop QAL

Soda Pop QAL - Background
It's a twin size. 
I'm really aiming to get a completely finished quilt soon.

The second stack of Tula fabric I had is working on becoming my Medallion quilt for the Handstitched class at Stitched in Color:

My Precious QAL update
I'm sadly behind on this one.
Not sure when I'll be able to catch up but I won't let it sit for long. 

It was a bit daunting to chop up every bit of Tula I owned. 

But luckily she released two more lines that I've stocked up on so there's no longer a lack of Tula Pink on my stash shelves. 

Fat Quarterly Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Welcome to my stop on the Fat Quarterly Blog Tour!

We're nearing the end of the tour here and I'm so glad to have a stop on it!

For those of you that haven't been following the tour along, Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters is a book written by four members of the Fat Quarterly Gang (Katy Jones, Brioni Greenberg, Tacha Bruecher and John Q Adams).

There's a whole lot of love for this book on my blog.

I fell in love with the entire book when I spotted this quilt on the back cover: 
Orange Soda Quilt by Katy Jones.

And I've been thrilled to run the Soda Pop Quilt-along because there needs to be more of that quilt in the world. 

The fabulous Katy is even joining us and making another. 
Stop by the Flickr group if you get a chance to see all the lovely that is being made. There's still enough time to join in if you'd like an Orange Soda of your own! 

Lucky for me (and everyone really) there's more than just one fabulous quilt in this book. There's 60 blocks and 12 full project instructions

I had a really hard time picking just one block from the book that I liked so I've started my own personal Fat Quarterly Sampler Project: 

FQly Sampler
Eight-pointed Star and Four Flies. 

I'm going to be picking four blocks from every shape chapter. So I've still got a bit to go. Really I'm waiting on Bella by Lotta Jansdotter to come out so I can pair it with Echo. 

Having worked in a bookstore in the past, I've become super picky of quilting/sewing books. More often than not I'll check them out from the library.

I've bought four copies of this book so far. One for myself and the others as gifts because I really think this book needs to be on everyone's shelves. 

Don't have a copy of your own yet?

Lark Crafts is graciously offering a copy to be given away to one of my readers. 
All you need to do is leave me a comment, any comment to be entered.
I'll accept entries until noon eastern standard time on Friday July 20th.

Not sure what to write in your comment? How about telling me your favorite shape? 

Thank you so much for visiting on my stop of the tour!
Don't forget to head over to Fat Quarterly on 7/18 for the Wrap-Up Party!