Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blogiversary Prep

This lil blog of mine turns 1 on Weds and I've got a lot of things planned (3 giveaways, the return of Farmer's Wife *and* a Pac Man tutorial).

So I'll be taking a week off of Skill Point Sunday this week.

I'm certainly not slacking tho'.
Just a lil' quiet as I once again work on five things at once ;)

See y'all on Weds!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well I thought the quilt name was cute...

The lovely Sarah gave me the chance to test out her new pattern, Bejeweled.

I had wanted it finished a week ago but after some lovely late night counting by me I ended up short on fabric and had to run around to find more. I'm excited to say I finished the top today tho'.

Be-zoo-eled Favorite Piece Be-zoo-eled Top

Fabrics used: Urban Zoologie and Remix by Ann Kelle, I Heart by Rashida Coleman Hale, Oh Boy! by David Walker, Bella Solid in Zen Grey and .....I forgot the name of the blue solid. 

My favorite thing about this pattern is how it gave me the chance to use some of my favorite fabrics without really cutting into them. Sarah points out that this is a great pattern for large scale prints. It's also great for those precious FQ's that have cute monkey faces that you don't want to cut in half. 

The top came together easily. I had the prints/blue put together and I added all the grey this afternoon to make the top. Really the only slow points were my own fault because I wasn't paying attention. There's so much forgiveness in this top. See that spot on the right of the last picture? I added a strip in because I was short. 
Simple fix.
Finished top.

Thank you Sarah for having me test it out! 

The pattern is for sale in her shop. It finishes at 70" x 82". Sarah made hers in Heirloom which turned out gorgeous but as you can see it works well with the crazy prints I keep in my stash as well ;) 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Lil' Bits Here and There Edition

It's been an up and down week here. On the end of some super productivity comes the possibility of no job which has killed any mojo I had going.

Still managing lil' bits of sewing here and there, tho'.

Enough with the blahs! Let's get to the roundup:


A surprise package about to go in the mail.
My secret pouch project! 
And I got the news that it arrived! Yay! I had made it as a surprise for Bianca who I've been getting to know here in blog land and think is super awesome. 
(Psst...she's the one running the Patchwork Prism QAL which is flippin' amazing. And the pattern is free! And the prizes are so amazing. But the quilt itself is worth it. This coming from the girl who hates piecing triangles) /end service announcement

 Speaking of the Patchwork Prism QAL, since I finished the deal I made with myself I'm totally joining in on this one. 
As I've been cleaning up my studio and diggin' through the scrap bin I've been setting aside any possible fabric for into a large ziplock.
Here's what I've pulled so far:

Been setting aside possible Prism QAL fabrics
Gee, that's a crappy photo. I'll take a proper one when I actually decide on what fabric I'm using. 


Pattern Test: I had every intention of having this top done last weekend so I could send along my thoughts but I'm just too anxious to sit at my machine for long. 
I did actually get started on piecing, however. 

Pattern Test moving right along

Bee Blocks:
May is my month for Sew Bee Joyful. So I at least used my time on the couch to put together bee block packages.

Bee Block prep

Bottled Rainbows:
Bet you didn't think you'd see this in the list. Me either. I had that neutral out for my bee blocks and it was the same I wanted to use in the center of Bottled Rainbows so I cut it. 

Finally cut my neutrals for Bottled Rainbows
Not the most monumental amount of progress. It was nice to pull all the solids out of the box tho'. They're up for cutting whenever I get a chance. 

No Progress This Week:
Cosmic Burst 
Game Quilt (still waiting on Fabric in the mail)
Cranberry Commission 

Coming Soon:
Farmer's Wife
Pac Man Part III  (with tutorial)
Pattern Holder Repeat

Man...that list got long again.

New: 1
Completed: 1
WiP: 13

Linkin' up with Lee like usual. 
I'm gonna go search for someone with a list longer than mine. Think I'll find it? ;) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Winter Stitching Wrap-up

So while I was starting to clean up I found a pile of the projects for Winter Stitching.

I decided to jump back on here real quick to write my wrap-up. Before I forget. Because I would totally start sewing something and forget.

The completions off the list I made is a lil' sad:

1) ZZQAL --- On my desk. In the same basket. Waiting to be ironed for the next step.

2) Bottled Rainbows --- I used up my neutral solid for the pattern test I've been working on. So...I guess I need to buy more fabric.

3) Cooking Mama Rug --- Hahahahahaha. No.

4) Game Quilt --- Progress! I'm two squares short on the top and had to special order fabric. But it's well on it's way to being constructed. See..that's it hanging in the top left corner. I really don't want to take a full pic of it before it's finished so instead you can look at my horrid mess I'm cleaning today...again... I'm horrible.

5) Eevee cross stitch --- Nope

6) Cranberry Pillow Commission Quilt --- Just got backing fabric in the mail.

7) Trench of Doom - Pulled out. Measured. Found I have to make adjustments on the sleeves.

8) Christmas Quilt -- Postponed to next christmas because of being sick all December.

9) Tardis cross stich --- Bleh.

10) Table Runner for Swap --- done  Woo!

11) Stitch up Logo --- Stitched and sent off to a graphic designer friend so I can get it digitized for buisness cards and such. So Done! 

12) Peeps Quilt -- Stupid curves. That's all I'm saying.

13) Make Plush Prototypes. Two Done! Completely figured out construction too so I'm counting this as done. 

14) Monkey Quilt -- Still no design. Stalled.

15) Goldfish Quilt -- Designed. Maybe. I don't know if I like it.

16) Less Than Three Quilt ---Fabric is all stacked in a basket. I keep flip flopping between wanting to do hexies or Polaroid squares.

17) Design a quilt/block   --- done!

Right.. so 4/17. That's pretty terrible.

Except I think I was crazy when I made this list because I didn't include any of the things that I have  been sewing.

All the other completions this winter:

1. Paper Pieced Robot, 2. Sew Bee Joyful - Nov., 3. FLoS2 - Item 1 - Pillowcase, 4. Pattern Keeper - Close up, 5. FLoS2 - Pac-Man mini, 6. Ugly Swoon, 7. SBJ - February , 8. SBJ - March, 9. Easter Monkey, 10. SPS - Week 1, 11. PLPS - Finished, 12. Pac-Man Wall Hanging II, 13. SPS - Week Two, 14. A surprise package about to go in the mail., 15. Skill Point Sunday - Week 3

Winter, it seems, was slow for me. But I've been making a lot of crazy progress over the past month. I'll take the late start.

Here's hoping I can keep it going.

Skill Point Sunday - Week Three

Week Three is the last of the Kitchen section and I'm a lil' glad about that.

Alright. A lot glad.

While it's been great making the things I've been lacking around the house, I don't get all worked up over sewn kitchen items. Maybe I haven't found the right pattern.

This week the book had me sew a Set the Table Runner.

I made a strange fabric choice again.

Skill Point Sunday - Week 3
To be fair it was the only heavy weight cotton in the house.

The runner is being modeled by the car. Unironed.
Because my table (where I also usually iron) is a disaster zone right now. 
I'm so on top of it this week, folks. 

SPS - Week 3
Here's my patented stick-my-hand-in-the-pocket-to-prove-its-a-pocket shot.

It's a quick post this week. 

Because my studio room has gotten out-of-flippin-control and when I sit in there to work on things I feel like there's going to be an avalanche.
Or I step on something.

This is the good corner.

There's the fleece that the cats tried to build a fort out of.
And the jeans the Mister wants me to patch.
Oh..and the scraps of fabric from the commission quilt that for some reason I put in a plastic bag in case someone wanted them. 
Yeah. No. The trashman wants them.

That shelf system is the "random crafts beside sewing I'm going to try and make time for"
It's....had no progress. 

That red square in the corner is the quilt that's two squares short. Yes it's on stabilizer. Yes I will explain why when I finish it. 

I really don't even want to show you my desk/sewing table right now. 

I have to clean up before I can sew anything else. Because sewing while glancing around suspiciously at the army of supplies you think is going to attack you...well, it's just not fun. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh that Deal is Done.

Yep. You read right.


This right here marks project #3:
A surprise package about to go in the mail.

It's a secret pouch for someone. And it's done. And that lil' bundle of scraps is going off with it. I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow. 

So to recap, that's 
A Pac Man mini quilt
A pouch for my partner in the Pretty {lil} Pouch Swap
A secret pouch for a friend

1. 2. 3. 

When I finished the last stitch, I printed out the pattern as a reward.

Reward for Productivity. Fresh from the printer.

I also got my pouch from my partner in the mail today. 
She's love2quilt7 on Flickr. 

PLPS received

Love. Love. Love.
Perfect lil' rainbow points.
Stitching embellishment.
There's green dots on the inside. 
It's amazing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Productive Edition

Did you see my deal? I'm sure that you did.

Thanks to you, my lovely taskmasters, I've been super productive.

I couldn't have done it without you.

You kept me off Twitter.

And got me sewing.



These got their own post already but I'm gonna post the pics again.

Pretty {lil} Pouch:
PLPS - Finished

Pac Man Wall Hanging:

Pac-Man Wall Hanging II


Cosmic Burst QAL: I did some cutting. 

Cosmic Burst QAL all cut

Cranberry Pillow: I ignored it. Happily. Because I secretly hate it. it's not a secret. Crap. I did order the backing fabric. That's some small level of progress.

Game Top: I pulled this out on Sunday night and started getting the layout together. Then I found out I was short two squares. 
So I ordered more fabric. 
For two squares.
Can you tell how pleased I am with this? 

Secret Pouch:  90% of the pieces are cut for this. I'm going to iron the interfacing down before bedtime. 

Pattern Test: Fabric cut! 

Finally finished cutting
I just finished cutting this. Because I was short on the fabric I bought. By two FQs. So I dug out my I Heart Robots...and it took me 30 minutes of staring at it to cut into it. Robots and Monkeys can go together, right? 

Coming Soon (or back into rotation in some cases):
Farmer's Wife 
Pattern Holder Repeat

That coming soon list almost got cut in half this week. Ha! 

Completed: 2
WiP: 10

I can assure you that the Secret Pouch will be finished this week. Which will make 3 of my promised 3 finishes. 
Patchwork Prism is in my future. 
I just know it. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Skill Point Sunday - Week Two

It's another simple week.

Hooked on Napkins. 

As I don't really have anything to add on the skill set side of this I thought I would at least explain my fabric choices this week. 

I toyed back and forth all week with making polka dot napkins out of TaDot. 
Or Salt Air napkins cause I had some left over.

Then I imagined chillicheesemouth all over those fabrics.

So I turned to The Bin.
Aka The Black Hole of Fabric.

The Bin
This is a little corner of my sewing room yet unseen. It's my bin of non-shop fabric. And some t-shirts that I want to turn into something. And some leather scraps for..some reason. 
This bin is a 30 year process. Buried in there is fabric from my childhood that I won't part with.
Then there's the college years (which is where that horrid brown and crazy lightning bolt on the left comes from.)
The zebra is from an abandoned safari bedroom project. (So glad I gave up on that). 

You get the idea.

So I rummaged around until I found two pieces of appropriately sized fabric for this week's project and used them.


SPS - Week Two
There aren't any hooks in the house so the tree offered to model.

You know how some houses are known for something?
Fabulous dinner parties with place cards?
Cocktail nights?

I think I'm making a bid for the House with the Mismatched and Tacky Napkins. 

Maybe I'll throw a zebra one in there...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dual Finish

Just one day after my deal and I've got two finishes to report.

First up is my bag for the Pretty {lil} Pouch Swap:

I used Keyka Lou's pattern with a few minor alterations of my own.

PLPS - Finished

At first I was going to make it all out of natural fabric with the Loulouthi accent in the center. My partner really likes bright fabrics tho' so I flipped it and I really like how it came out. 

PLPS - Zipper

So proud of that zipper. For reals.

PLPS - Interior
Some Salt Air on the inside. With a contrasting print as a divider so the pouch has some organization.

Then I finally got my own Pac-Man Wall Hanging Finished:

I had made one already for my For Love of Solids partner. The top of this one had started as her top but I messed it up some.

I loved the design so much that I didn't care if my own had some flaws.

Pac-Man Wall Hanging II
It's really not crooked. That side was slipping as I was taking pictures.
Also..I see you trying to "help" NomNom kitty. 

Pac-Man Wall Hanging II
Love that backing/binding fabric. Love. Love. Love.


I'm a lil exhausted. And oddly energized. I might just sew after a dinner break.

Or I might watch some episodes of Tanked and window shop aquariums on craigslist.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Deal

I'm putting this here to be held fully accountable.

We all know I get myself doing too many things at once.

But I saw something just gorgeous a couple of minutes ago and I want in.

The incredibly lucky thing? It doesn't kick off until the 24th. 

The deal?

Current List
Ignore the Weds/Sunday stuff

I want to have three things crossed off this list before I pick fabric for this QAL.

Why three?
Cause it's my favorite number.
And let's face it. I'm not getting all those quilts on the left finished that quickly. 

Not only is the quilt so very very pretty. But there's prizes too. It's like awesome overload, people.

I was feeling pretty accomplished getting 3 yards of charms cut today. 
Now I'm thinkin' I should sew. 

Just keep sewing. Sewing. Sewing. 

(And someone please hold me to this deal)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

108" or Bust!

In case you haven't heard, Katy at i'm a ginger monkey has a quest.

A crusade!

One in which I fully support.

She wants a variety of extra wide quilt backs.
Just think of one solid, gorgeous piece of fabric to fit seamlessly with your top.

That idea is love.

It is so much love in fact that I made the comment "I am so in favor of your campaign! If you had a lil' banner I would run around town with it."

And then I went and made that silly comment happen.

108" or Bust
It's hard to take a picture of yourself holding something so I used my Monkey stand-in. 

Selvage Edge Close Up
Close-up of one edge.

I think that selvage edge is my favorite part. You see Katy just mentioned that Moda has brought out dottie fabric in 108". There's five colors (including grey and green which you know I'll be getting). So when I found those Moda selvages in my scrap bin I knew they had to be part of this banner. 

Hopefully Katy doesn't think I'm too crazy. 

The idea of more 108" options just has me far too excited. I always mess up piecing backs. Or piecing it right and then basting it so the pieces are crooked. Or they don't line up with quilt lines.


Me an' my banner are headed to the LQS. 108" or Bust! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Design Limbo

I've been spending much more time working on designs for submissions and contests. I find it comforting and inspiring.

And putting me in sewing limbo.


I'm so silly.


My Skill Point Sunday  project kicked off on Sunday. I'm oddly looking forward to the napkins for this week.

I also recently won the chance to test out Sarah's Bejeweled Pattern so I pulled fabrics together for that:
Bejeweled Pattern Test

Cranberry Commission: You know how this is going. Same ol' same ol'. 

Cosmic QAL: The cutting directions just came out on Friday. I'm hoping to get to it tomorrow. 

Pretty {lil} Pouch Swap: Slightly on hold until I hear from my Swap Mama. 


Easter Monkey

Gogonuts has a new friend. Mr. Sock Monkey. Made for the Mister for Easter. It's the first Sock Monkey I've ever made so he has his...quirks. He's still well loved tho'. Even if I was informed his eyes were creepy and had to rip them out and replace them.

It was the only actual eyes I had on hand.
He has buttons now.

Superglued on...

Coming Soon (or coming back into rotation in some cases):
Farmer's Wife
Game Top
Secret Pouch
Pattern Holder Repeat

Completed: 1
WiPs: 13 

Monday, April 9, 2012


I know I'm late to the party here. You've all heard about the Finish-a-Long going on.

I mean it started in January. 
But I missed it.

The second quarter is here, tho' and I'm getting on board.

I know you're all soooooooo shocked right now that I could possibly have UFOs. *bats eyelashes*


I'm gonna try and be serious about this list. This isn't the place for my things I'm thinking about making. Or my wishlist.
This is the poor projects that were started and shoved to a corner.

ie: the ones whose pics were buried at the beginning of my SD card on my camera.

I bet you all know which one is first.

I love you lil' ZZQAL. I do. And I think about you. Then I feel guilty. No more guilt!

Vintage Crazy Quilt:
Barely mentioned. Shoved in a corner....somewhere....when we moved. I've got everything I need for it. If I can find it.

My Farmer's Wife gets an honorable mention here. I highly doubt I'll finish it this quarter. But I would like it finished this year.

I know this list seems small. Especially considering my massive WiP Weds. lists.
But I've kept this down to my abandoned babies. The ones that haven't seen a stitch in months.

It really is time to fix that, don't ya think?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skill Point Sunday - Week One

Happy Easter everyone!
Between consuming Peeps and playing board games I managed to sneak in some sewing time.

I think I had mentioned a lil' while back that I was going to try and start another set of weekly themed posts.

If I didn't mention it then I meant to.

Now presenting - Skill Point Sundays! 

I'm sure that name needs a bit of explanation.

Have I mentioned that I'm not-so-secretly a geek? I've worked in a comic book store (still read comics). I play games like Magic the Gathering and D&D. Oh, then there's video games.
One common thread that I noticed throughout a lot of my hobbies is that if you want to get better at something then you put skill points in it.
While I've been sewing for years, I still feel like my basic skills could use a point boost.
That's where this weekly post comes in!

SPS - Book
I'll be using 1,2,3 Sew by Ellen Luckett Baker. One project per week working from the front of the book to the back. 

While I'm not allowing myself to skip any projects, I will keep open the chance to modify some to be more useful in my house. 

Week one was some simple stamped tea towels. 

SPS - Week 1

Nothing too complicated. Although I must admit that while I've been drowning in WiPs it was refreshing to sit down and finish a project within an hour. 

Next week is Napkins which is oddly helpful as I've just realized I don't have a single cloth napkin in the house. 

No idea what fabric I'll use for it but some more options arrived in the mail this weekend:

Stale Stash
Goodies from the Stale Stash Swap!
I got some lovely fabrics from the Stale Stash Swap. And my swappers were sweet enough to include some lil' extras. Would you believe I've been looking at snagging some of that tree fabric to the right? I've got my own square now (which went in the Bottled Rainbows pile). 

This swap was a great idea. I'm thinking about working in a page where I can keep a photo list of swappable fabrics as I'm working on my site redesign. There are some things I have that I know I'm just not going to use.

Besides, who doesn't love getting fabric mail love? 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Back to Business Edition

Now that I've gone and made myself a paper list I'm ready to get back into my normal WiP Weds format.


Commission - Cranberry Pillow:
Oh hello the reason for yesterday's internet ban. 
It's actually gotten to the point where it's starting to look like something. My camera flash clearly doesn't like the shine on that fabric. Tho'..I don't really either.

Cosmic Burst QAL with Distant Pickles:
Fabric chosen (and arrived in the mail) which means I'm right on track for this!

Pretty {lil} Pouch Swap:
I'm still shopping fabrics..which makes me feel completely behind. Due to ship on the 20th. My partner has completely different tastes than me. It's making it difficult.
Here's the current selection I'm running by the group:
Some natural linen, Salt Air and LouLouThi


SBJ - March
March Bee Blocks! 

Coming Soon (or coming back into rotation in some cases):
Farmer's Wife
Game Top
Pattern Test
Secret Pouch
Pattern Holder Repeat

We're still running slightly in the realm of too many things on hold and too few pictures, but it's certainly a step back in the right direction.

I've missed this format.

What have y'all be up to?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh hai Sewing Summit!

I'm still on a self-imposed 10 hour Internet ban so that I can get some work done but I just couldn't stand to wait to post anymore. (So I'm posting from my phone to keep the ban active,hehe)

I snagged my Sewing Summit registration this morning!

*happy dance*

Will I see any of y'all there?

Monday, April 2, 2012

More Bee Blocks and The Ugliest Thing

While it is technically April today, I did finish these blocks on Saturday night which means I did actually finish them in March on time. ;)

SBJ - March
Oh can see my poor, dancer's toes. This is what growing up in toe shoes does, dear readers. 

I finally caved and made a Granny Square (two if you count my practice block). I'm a slight bit addicted. 

I'm actually really proud 'cause I was able to not mess up the math to scale that block up to 12.5"
I'm sure you've noticed that the outside squares aren't trimmed down. After I managed to cut a seam *and* a hole trimming down my practice block I thought my luck shouldn't be tested. 
Now that I think about it, I really don't know what was up with that. Bet I need a new blade. 

The other block I was going to make was a London Square but I found myself 6" short on fabric. So instead I used Jenna's awesome tutorial for a Diamond Peek-a-Boo block

It was a great block to put together. I was worried about the triangles but since they started as squares, we got along just fine. 

Ugly Swoon

I'm sure you remember this atrocity  block. 
Katy @ I'm a ginger monkey has been hosting the fabulous Swoon Along. With that came an Ugly Swoon contest. 

And I won. 

I've never been so proud to make something so terrible to look at. 

Some Pezzy Love is now on it's way to me. 

So. Excited.