Friday, March 30, 2012

A Bee Block and a QAL

I'm the tiniest bit behind for my Sew Bee Joyful group.

Thankfully we had two months to do Feb. block so I'm not *actually* late. I'm just cutting it close.

I took this picture before I trimmed that extra bit off the bottom. Seems like I cut one of my sets of blue 1/4" too big.

On the QAL front I've been looking at the Cosmic Burst QAL at Distant Pickles ever since it was announced.
I tore my entire stash apart looking for fabrics.
I couldn't make any decision.

Enter this bundle I've been lusting after for a week and had no justifiable reason to purchase:
Monsterz - Cloud 9 Fabrics

Today my brain suddenly merged the two.
And I got to coloring on the awesome coloring sheet provided for the QAL to see if it could work:

I'll pick 3 & 4 when the fabrics actually get here. I'm not sure if I want to use some of the monster FQs or the mountains. 

Seeing as how I've been fabric shopping crazy lately, I took some time to make a list of all the projects I have going on right now. (It'll also help me get WiP Weds. back into my roundup format) 

...I'm not taking a photo of that list. It's all scribbly. 

Eleven current projects.


I'm trying to get two of them finished in a week as sewing payment for the fabric influx. 
Before that FQ bundle arrives. 

The bee block was half of one (March is the other half) so that's a good start at least. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Nothing but Stash edition

Seems like the only thing I've been working on around here is my Stash.

I've created my normal turbulence where I get started/have ideas for 7 or 8 different projects and then get stumped on what to work on first.

No worries. I'm used to this cycle.

Somewhere in the back of my mind during all this I'm figuring out a blog redesign as well. I want something that is mine. Just mine. And when I get that set I can get some cards made which will be good considering how many swaps I've been in lately. Instead of writing out my name/site address on a post-it I can just pop a card in.

...I'm blabbing.

A couple more purchases showed up:

I have to fess up and say that the green and grey seeds are the only two prints from FMF that I like. So instead of getting FQs of the line I got a yard of each.

That bottom stack is a scrap pack from JAQS Fabrics. Immediately upon opening this one I went ahead and ordered another in cool tones.

With wanting to actually work on my Bottled Rainbows and my on/off hexie love, I've been going scrap crazy.

Hopefully these pretty fabric pictures will suffice for today. Lots going on in the background including a new weekly theme post and a reboot of Farmer Fridays.

Linkin' up with Lee as usual. I'm joining her in the 'nothing done' club this week. Glad I'm not alone.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Shop Hop Roundup

While I didn't visit all of the stores during shop hop I did run out to 5 of them which was super fun.

I thought I'd take a minute today to snap a picture of my haul because this is seriously the most fabric I've purchased in one go.

Shop Hop Goodies

I've got an entire set of Lorax FQs in earth tones now. 
With no idea what to do with them.

And that's the first print in Urban Zoologie I've picked up. I really want more.

And Lizzy House...Those two yards were sitting neglected in the corner of a shelf. Such a tiny lil' bolt. And priced really well. I had to just take it all home. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Awards and Tags, Oh My!

I am kinda (read: *really*) behind on this award thing.

In between juggling projects and arguing with mailmen I keep convincing myself that I had posted about find that nope, I forgot.


Prof. SMelinda, and Sarah have given me the Liebster Blog award.

Thank you my lovely bloggers!

(I can't believe this slipped under my to-mention list 3 times..sheesh!)

The rules of the Liebster state that I should forward the award onto 5 blogs on my blogroll that have under 200 followers and deserve some recognition.

At this point in the game everyone who meets that requirement on my list has already gotten the award!

Here's something that I'm actually getting in on time!

Debbie of A Quilters Table tagged me today!

Her questions were:

1. What is your favorite color to use in quilting?
Green!! Although it's been a few projects since I've managed to work some in. I should fix that ;) 

2. Where would you like to visit in the U.S. that you've never been before?
Alaska. I've wanted to get up there for years. 

3. How old is the car you drive most?
It's a 2003. My poor Alice the Altima. I might have to start duct taping her soon. 

4. What's the last movie you saw and would you recommend it?
Ummm.......tomorrow I'm going to see the Hunger Games. I was supposed to go today but I had some shop hopping to finish. Before that I saw the newest Sherlock Holmes. I have a serious weakness for RDJr. so I'd say go. 

5. What makes a day great?
Having the chance to do something creative. In any form. That will be the difference between a good/bad day for me. 

6. What is your favorite snack?
I can't paint without Junior Mints. When I'm sewing I want string cheese. 

7. Besides quilting, do you have other hobbies?
I do! I cross-stitch/embroider. Been working on my drawing skills. I've been known to paint. I sew clothes/costumes. I've been doing that for much longer than quilting. 
And video games. More than I want to admit I'm playing all at once right now ;) 

8. What is your least favorite household chore?
Vacuuming and/or Sweeping. Ugggggh. Just *thinking* about it makes me frustrated. 

9. Where would you live if you could?
I'm really happy being in Georgia. I want a house with some land though. I want chickens. And a huge veggie garden. And maybe a sheep.

Ok. Definitely a sheep. 

10. What is your favorite quilt you've made?
I'm still pretty new to the quilting game so I've got a small number to choose from. 
I'm crazy proud of my KQAL because of dealing with triangle madness.
It's been stolen by my cat....I can't even *look* at it without making him angry. 
My Farmer's Wife made of Halloween fabric will reign as favorite if I ever finish it. 

11. What's your "wake up" beverage of choice?
Pumpkin Coffee which should totally be available year round but isn't.
 my backup is iced coffee with 3 splenda and a splash of soy milk.

......I didn't even like typing that drink. It needs a quick name that doesn't make me feel silly. 

I'm supposed to tag 11 people but I think this has been around most of my blogroll already.

So I'm tagging: 

Elise at Background Noise (who is my real-life Bestie and is who now quilting which might be my fault)

And anyone else who wants to join in with my slightly-silly questions.

Speaking of which, my questions are:

1) Do you and yarn get along? (I ask 'cause me and yarn just make knots)
2) How do you feel about Legos?
3) Worst sewing-related injury?
4) I'm bringing over ice cream, what kind do I pick up for you?
5) Do you prefer to stick with one main fabric line in your quilts or mix them up?
6) Triangles or squares?
7) Favorite animal?
8) Weirdest thing you've ever eaten? (The Mister took me out for gator today) 
9) City or country?
10) What's your favorite thing you've made (quilt or otherwise)?
11)  How do you organize your stash?

Thank you to everyone for the tags and the award mentions! It really does make my day even if I'm scatterbrained and take days to say so.

I've got some shop hop goodies to show off. And maybe tomorrow I'll do something crazy like turn my machine on! We can only hope ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stale Stash Swap

Here I am late to the party again.

Cutting took me forever and a half last night but my charms are all off in the mail for charm swaps!

Now onto something equally as awesome:

Charm About You

It was strange digging through my stash this afternoon. A lot of the fabric I'm listing I got in I'm really not sure what designer it came from. And it's clearly not getting used here. Poor fabric. I found a decent stack of stuff to pick from so I tried to take pictures in groups. I can certainly get close-ups if needed.

1) Paris Cats for Bernartex  3 FQ
2) Green Leopard (I have no idea who this is by) 2 FQ
3) Cats and Dogs by Brother Sister Design  2 FQ
4) Kaleidoscope (don't know where this came from either)  2 FQ   GONE
5) Horizons for Robert Kaufman  2 FQ   GONE

6) Luminosity in Blue for Benartex  2 FQ GONE
7) Luminosity in Purple for Benartex  2 FQ  GONE

8) Cable Gray Studio for Robert Kaufman  1 FQ    GONE
9) Marble Star by Moda  2 FQ
10) Nature's Brilliance for Robert Kaufman  1 FQ)
11) Green Dot (I don't even remember getting this one) 1 FQ

12) Blue/Green Spiral  1 FQ
12) Blue with Yellow Stars (yanno..I just got this for my chicken project and I don't remember who it's by)   1 FQ
13) Fruit  1 FQ      GONE
14) Paint Splatter (No idea what else to call this one)  1 FQ   GONE

Odds and Ends:

Being a tiny rule breaker here ;)
This is a 1/4 yd cut of robot fabric that I really have no use for. I'm pretty scrap happy right now so I'd be willing to swap it for a small envelope of scraps.

I'm really pretty open as to what I'll swap for. I just like getting fabric in the mail! Just leave me a comment and we'll figure it out :)

Thank you Lucy for setting up an awesome swap.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Quick and Charming Edition

I hit another rough patch. I spent the weekend super excited about a book and a box of fabric coming my way.
I was planning out projects and even adding some additional surprises.

The box was stolen off my porch on Monday.

Insert grumpy face here.

Alright..that's totally enough grumpy face.

In other much more joyful news I've gone a lil' charm swap crazy lately.

Two Rainbow Charm swaps and a Green swap mean I'll be getting some yummy charms in the mail soon. I've yet to do any rainbow projects so I'm pretty excited.

I've also got 5 yards to cut so I should probably get to it. 

I'm gonna be making a Stale Stash Swap post here soon (hopefully tonight). If you haven't seen this goodness you should get on it. They're going quick quick quick! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ugliest Thing I Ever Made

I'm extremely lucky that this was created for an Ugly contest because I think I might give up sewing if this was my normal fabric choices.

It makes my face hurt.

But since y'all were curious...

I present the Ugly Swoon:

Ugly Swoon

Why oh why did I give it eyes to watch me with? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Ugly Duck Edition

Back to my late night sewing, I see.

Why yes. Yes I am.

I've already shown y'all the enormous amount of cutting I did this week:

Super cutting Saturday

I sandwiched up my own Pac Man with some awesome fabric I snagged on etsy:


I really should have just quilted and finished it but I didn't. 
Hopefully I'll be able to get it done by this weekend. 

Otherwise I've just been chugging along on my Ugly Swoon block:

It's turning out uglier than expected. 

Seriously. I'm bordering on embarrassed over here. 

Due to the massive amount of cutting I did on Saturday I lost count somewhere. Or ran out of fabric. Or the cats ran off with a piece. 
So when I sat down to piece I was suddenly short.
I dug in my scrap bin and pulled out a piece in the same color family and threw it in.

Then I sewed backwards.

So I pulled out another scrap piece.

This thing is turning out monstrous. 

If I'm brave I'll post a pic tomorrow. 

Linking up with Lee like always. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For Love of Solids Partner Received!

I know that I've been holding my For Love of Solids project hostage.

I hope you can forgive me. I was super excited about it. And it was the type of project that would have been completely recognizable to my secret partner.

I got the absolute joy of sewing for Sarah at Narcoleptic in a cupboard.

The first thing I made was the pillowcase which I already posted about.

Then I made a mini quilt.

A Pac-Man mini quilt.

FLoS2 - Pac-Man mini

This mini makes me so very happy.  I'm actually slightly glad that I messed up the first one and had to redo the top. 

Here's a link to a group shot that Sarah took. I got so excited about sending it out I forgot to take a group photo. Oops.

Final Touch

I hand sewed some ribbon down to each corner to serve as hangers. Then to make it a lil' more interesting I stamped each one so they could serve as the tag too. 
I see myself stamping more fabric in the future. 

I'm takin' Pac-Man over to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday. (Seriously, how have I missed this blog/linkup?)

I'm so glad my package made it safely. And I'm glad she liked it. Even when I was messing things up I had a lot of fun sewing for this swap and I'll certainly keep my eye out for future rounds.

The mailman still hasn't brought mine around yet. Any day now Mr. Postman. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Super Cutting Saturday

Didn't feel much like sewing today but I knew I'd kick myself tomorrow if I didn't get any progress done.

So I invented Super Cutting Saturday. (Name needs some work)

Maybe I should just call it "Al and her rotary cutter sitting in a tree..."

Or something.

Super cutting Saturday

Clockwise from the top we have:
Commission fabrics (Just because I've been quiet about it doesn't mean it's done. I wish.) 
Secret Awesomeness (Otherwise known as the quilt I screwed up and remade for the Solids Swap. That's the screwed up top. I need to cut the back.)
Gameboard Quilt (A quilt that's been in my sketchbook for well over a year.)
Ugly Swoon 

Any bets on how long I have cut pieces cluttering up the place sitting on my desk? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Laid back

It's been a pretty relaxed week around here.

I was out and about all day Saturday for my birthday.

Sunday was spent with the Mister making a monstrous strawberry birthday cake.

I'm slowly working my way back into some projects after I was all go!go!go! there for a week.

Multiple rejections online and off might have something to do with that.

I've been submitting my work and project ideas to contests or websites or magazines and the mail fairy brought me more than one rejection at once on Monday.


I did get a chance to finish my I Heart Bacon mini which I posted about on Monday:

Yesterday I made hexies:

I see much more hexie making today. 

Along with some planning for a gift for Mister:

That magazine in the background was a lovely surprise in my mailbox. I had completely forgotten my mother had a deal for two-for-one subscriptions.

Projects that are getting some love in the near future:
Farmer's Wife (oh's coming back)

I'm trying desperately to not get sucked into Granny Squares but they are just So Gorgeous.
I don't think I have the types of fabric I'd really want to use for it, however.

I need to find myself a scrap swap.

I've certainly blabbed on about my 'quiet' day. What are y'all up to?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Modern Mini Challenge - I Heart Bacon

I'm so glad I got a chance to finish up my entry for the Modern Mini Challenge on time!

I saw so many great minis but I decided that I really needed to use this chance to learn a new technique (primarily cause I want to build a queen sized quilt using it).

Now you know by now that I can't really do anything without a twist.

I present I Heart Bacon.

I've been in a rectangle kick lately.

I stuck with a grey background because the pink and the red are completely out of my normal comfort zone. I needed my grey security blanket. 

Close-up of the hand stitching.

This mini gave me a good idea of what I'm going to run into when doing reverse applique on a larger scale. 

It wouldn't be one of my posts without the desk shot. 

The crazy shape of this of course made it difficult for me to photo. I'm still learning my crazy new camera. 

This little mini is now hanging in my hallway. I love the felt bacon applique in the center. And even if it's pink, the little piggy makes me happy.

It also makes me wish I wasn't out of real bacon.