Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Chaos

I know that I owe y'all a decent post.
With some actual content.
And updates on projects.

Today for this WiP Wednesday I give you another picture of my desk.

There certainly isn't a lack of things to work on. In this picture alone I can spot six different projects. should see the floor.

I'm having a bit of craft ADD where while I'm working on one thing I suddenly just have-to-do-this-other-thing-right-now.

I'm not even linking up with Lee's today because everything is in such a state of chaos.

It doesn't help that I screwed up my commission.

A lot.

You ever read through some directions for a new type of piecing/quilting/sewing/etc and just gogogo 'cause you know you've got this? And then go check your notes/patterns/pictures because you forgot whether or not it was 10 things to a row or 12 and suddenly discover that you don't have this at all? In fact what you have just doesn't work...

That is totally me today.

The floor is covered in my attempts to fix/restart it.

I think I've got so many things going on the desk so that I can avoid the quilt on the floor. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Multitasking

It's a short one this week.

But I thought my desk deserved a picture.

Especially considering that I can't manage to *not* multitask.

There's way too many negatives in that sentence....

The burgundy is a test of a new way to work on my commission piece.

The felt/fur craziness is an idea I had and couldn't ignore.

I drive myself nuts sometimes...

WiP 1/11/12

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Back on the Bandwagon edition

My commission is eating my brain.

No joke.

I dream about slippery fabrics and uneven seams.

It's just silly.

Yet here I am trying not to miss any WiP Weds.

So I thought I'd at least post the last fun thing I completed which was a siggy block for the bee. keep this from being a completely boring everything-ever-is-on-hold post.

Nov. siggy block

I'm back on a bit of a hexie kick again.

Right then..
So everything is on hold even tho' I keep looking longingly at some of my fabrics and wanting to play with them. 

Do you think fabrics can feel neglected? 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A lil' bit of evaluation

My 50 in 2011 list didn't end up going so well. After the 6 weeks I've had I'm really not feeling all that guilty about it.

Just gonna transfer it over to my 50 in 2012 list and fill in the holes.

50 Projects for 2012:

*Cooking Mama Rug
*Little House of Wonders
*Tardis Cross Stitch
* Steampunk Potato Head
*Steampunk Gun Recon
*Canvas Trench
* String Garden
* Apron
*Steampunk My Little Pony
* Eevee Cross Stitch
*Egg Pokemon
*Coraline Facehugger Stuffie
*Fishie Cat House
*Needle Book
*Dragon/Phoenix Windchime
*WoW Painting
*City Hall
*Pet Shop
*Megaman Cross Stitch  finished 2/13
*Baby Raptor Plush
*Coiled Fabric Bowl
*Game Quilt  finished 6/17
*Log Cabin Quilt  finished 6/15
*Plushie Prototype 1
*Plushie Prototype 2
*Plushie Prototype 3
*Plushie Prototype 4
*Plushie Prototype 5
*Plushie Prototype 6
*Plushie Prototype 7
*Holly Hobbie Stocking
*Hen Quilt Panel
*Sesame Street Hoop

Woo. 36 left over from last year.

Let's pump that list up to 50:

*Victorian Jacket
*Farmer's Wife Quilt
*Logo  finished 4/1
*Cat Tower
*Muppet Hoop finished 2/12
*HG Miniquilt 1
*HG Miniquilt 2
*HG Miniquilt 3
*ZigZag Quilt
*Fae Painting
*Peeps Quilt
*Doodle Book
*Quilling Project

There's certainly a lot of quilts on that list.

Thankfully there's a few of them that are already WiPs. 
Unfortunately I've got to put all my attention into a commission over the next couple of weeks.
It's already overdue.

And as we can tell...I certainly don't mind missing the deadline on projects that will live with me but I feel horrible when it's ones meant for others.