Monday, December 17, 2012

The Quilt that Would Never Be Finished

Threads need to be cut.

And it needs a good press.

Then there's that whole issue of quilting and binding.

But there is a ZZQAL top. Finished. In my living room. 

(Because trekking out in the dark of winter seemed like a bad idea.)

Where does one take quilt photos at 7pm, anyway? 

OMG a Finished ZZQAL top!

There's a dark blue row and a purple row that's really not showing.
And that's maybe half the width.

I just had to document this as soon as possible.

The ZZQAL top is done.

Those that have been with me for any amount of time know how huge that is. 

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm outsourcing the quilting on this one.

It ended up massive (for me) at somewhere around 80" x 100". 

I don't think my machine and I could handle it. Not for the type of quilting I have in mind.

So it'll be packed up this week and shipped off. 

Wanna see my favorite part?

Taking the time to line up the Peep bodies:

ZZQAL Favorite part

My insane to-do list for the week suddenly seems a lot more manageable.

If I can finally finish this top, I think I can do anything. 

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  1. *thud* <- that was me passing out with the shock.

    Congrats, it's a quilt!

  2. What an awesome accomplishment! It's lovely - congratulations!!!

  3. woopie!!! My eyes caught this right away on Flickr! I'm so excited to see another version of this quilt done. Yours looks beautiful and send it off with no shame. I think I would send out all of my quilts if I could afford it. ;)

  4. It looks wonderful Allegory, you really deserve a round of applause!

  5. Awesome! I think that's massive by anyone's standards - and those peeps look fab :o)

  6. I'll be damned! You finally finished that beast. Looks good. I can't wait to see what kind of quilting you get on it.

  7. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations. I love love love it and want want want it :).

  8. AWESOME!!! I love everything about it, especially the matching peeps! Congratulations!!! It's so lovely!


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