Tuesday, December 11, 2012


That Letter B is still around...

Or maybe it should be letter S now for Santa Sheep.

Sometimes I doodle silly things and now after some encouragement from friends (and the Mr.) I'm turning them into embroidery patterns.

Santa Sheep!

This sheep came about after How It's Made had a special on Jojoba Oil.

For the next five minutes or so were filled with the Mr. saying "ho.......ho......baaaaaaa!"
Of course, I thought of Sheep. Sheep that dreamed of being Santa.

A couple of doodles and some test hoops later.

And now there's a Santa Sheep.


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  1. so fun! using french knots for the second sheep was brilliant :)

  2. You're quite certifiable ;o) Although now I have memories of driving round remote parts of Scotland, where sheep rule the roads, and my ex (who I still a great friend of mine, and the son of a sheep farmer) winding down the window and shouting 'Meehhhhhhh' out at them. Belligerent little buggers so they are!


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