Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Things First - November Prep Party

It's been an incredibly light prep day for me this month.

In fact I've spent the past thirty minutes or so looking around and trying to figure out what it is that I could possibly be missing.

It isn't that there isn't a boatload of projects to work on. It's just that they're already prepped and hanging out in baskets in the studio.

I've got a lot of catch-up and carry-over for November it seems.

What have I prepped?

Neutral bobbins because I can never have enough:

FTF - Bobbins

Cutting triangles:

FTF - Cutting

Somehow I ended up short on white triangles when I picked my ZZQAL back up. So I cut a stack of 56 in order to finish that top up....hopefully.

And that's it for me. 

I told you. Barely anything. 

I feel a little lost. 

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  1. I went ahead and cut out all the squares I needed for the next two Carpenter Wheel blocks I'm doing. I also have all my gray, aqua and yellow 2.5" squares cut out for the granny square quilt I'm working on.

  2. I didn't get much prep done, except for a mini class I'm teaching on EPP to kids.

  3. binding. binding, binding, binding. I'm about to hang myself on how much binding i've been cutting!


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