Friday, November 16, 2012

Farmer Friday - I won't miss the little triangles edition

Remember how I was a little sad about the idea of not having any more Farmer's Wife blocks to piece soon?
And how I'd miss it?

Not the little triangles, I've decided.

Specifically template number 13.

Both of my blocks required that template today.

And of course, both came out a little wonky.

Blocks 75& 76:

FW 75

FW 76

I really like the color contrasts in these blocks. I can deal with it being a little wonky. 

Now I'm just wondering how many more blocks have template 13 in it...
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  1. Love the fabrics, Allegory, I think they look great. What's life without a little wonkiness in it anyway? ;)

  2. It would be 13 wouldn't it?! Great blocks!

  3. Ahh, those triangles alone would put me off tackling that biatch ;o)


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