Thursday, November 29, 2012

A little pillow crazy

I haven't ever been much of a pillow person. They never called to me in stores, begging to come home. 

Imagine my surprise that most of my finishes lately have been pillows. 

It started with The Pillow Talk Swap: 

PTS9 Finished!

Sending that one away was tough. 

Lucky for me, I had my class pieces from Sewing Summit to finish. 

It's a complete accident that they both have orange in them. I think they make quite the cute pair. 


Those pillows are a bit lumpy. Maybe I should start buying different forms. 

Including my lovely gift from Laura, I now have three pillows on my couch.

Which simply won't do. I should at least make three more to balance it out. 

Or perhaps five.

Exactly when does one reach the point of "too many"? 

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  1. I'm not sure - most of my pillows disappear and reappear in my daughters' room! Yours are great!

  2. I was never much into pillows either, because my kids always tossed them on the floor and used them for pillow fights. They were forever getting dirty and honestly, why add one more thing to pick up off the floor? Now however, my kids are much older, 16 14 10, and hopefully able to navigate life with a few pillows on the couch. I've just started making some using AMH's Field Study. We'll see how it turns out. Yours are pretty awesome, I'm jealous.

  3. Lovely pillows!! I've been on a pillow kick too, but haven't made it to the finished stage yet...Yours are gorgeous! and I totally think five more is acceptable. Enough to throw at someone on another couch and still have some leftover in case of another pillow fight or just to squish : )

  4. They are fun to make, easy to store (when you let them seasonally share forms), and require very little commitment in time or money. What isn't to love.

  5. Love that swap cushion, but they're all cool! I have to keep giving mine away as I never have anywhere to put them, I just gauge where they go so I can get visiting rights if necessary ;o)


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