Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Summit Edition

Going to break from the normal routine this week.

My normal list seems too overwhelming at the moment. I'm still processing the amazing time I had at Summit and re-organizing my calendar to fit in some great projects.

For this WiP Wednesday, I'm focusing on the things that I just want to get finished this week. 

The majority of the list contains projects started at Summit in classes that I want to complete. I think wrapping up those will help organize my post-Summit thoughts.


To Finish: 
Curves Mini:
Curves Mini

Thankfully I managed to get my single blocks finished and one row pieced together during class time. I'm considering turning mine into a pillow rather than a wall hanging. 

Boo Bee Block:

No pic of this one. I got the package right before I left and then promptly tossed it on my desk so I wouldn't have to hunt for it when I got home. 

Stash Bee Block:

Wonky star! It'll be fun. I love a good wonky star. 

Aurifil Oct. Embroidery: 


I'm hoping to wrap this one up today. There are embroidery plans in my future so I'm trying to work on some small projects to practice my stitches.

Foundation Block:

It's a start! #sewingsummit #classes #foundation

I cut the good stuff for this class. 
Another piece that will more than likely become a pillow. I'm in a pillow mood. 

To Work On:

Paper Piece Pattern
Spring Carnival Pillow

That's a lot of pillows planned. Not including my Pillow Talk Swap project. 

When did I catch the pillow bug? 

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  1. Funny you got the pillow bug, but I can't wait to see them both! Esp. love the "good stuff" foundation one!

  2. I love that last block! Gorgeous!

  3. You make me want to work on embroidery again! Love your projects!

  4. Such fun looking projects loving the design for the pillow =D

  5. All gorgeous and I adore that fabulous embroidery!! :)

  6. i love pillows to and your are gorgeous

  7. Good luck with all the cushions, but look on the bright side, at least you'll have a comfy place to crash between working on the next insane list ;o)

  8. Looks like lots of fun things going on!


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