Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WiP Wednesday - I Heart Halloween edition

It's my most favorite of favorite days. 

I'll be filling the house with the lovely scent of pumpkin pie.

And lighting my pumpkins for one more night.

I went after my pumpkin with a Dremel. It was magical.

Except for the thick layer of pumpkin dust. Next year I'm wearing goggles and an apron. 

 My Doctor Who inspired pumpkin.

Love the way it lights up. 

The Mr. carved his out to produce a brighter glow.
He's pointed out that his is brighter than mine.

I've still had time for fabric in my pumpkin mayhem. 



It's finally happening. There's been an enormous amount of cutting for my Swoon quilt. All the background pieces are cut. And enough prints for four squares. Then I ran into a bit of a glitch. I'm six FQs short and completely at odds with what to do about it. 

I could order more Outfoxed. Maybe some jewels. Or mix prints in from other lines. 

I'm just not sure at this point. 



That's a whole lot of chain piecing going on.

I'm just as surprised as the rest of you that this quilt has made an appearance. While wondering what to do about my Swoon I needed something mindless to do. So I grabbed the baskets and started chain piecing like crazy. 
That's the pile I ended up with.

That's a lot of ironing to do. 

No Progress:
Bottled Rainbows

Coming Soon:
Police Box
Scrap Vomit
Hush Bella
Mario QAL

Finishes: 0
WiPs: 4 

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  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! The pumpkins look fabulous!! We did ours this morning and can't wait to see them lit up :)
    Great fabric picks for your swoon!

  2. oh I hate all the post-chain-piecing ironing! ;-/
    Bummer about your Swoon shortage - good luck figuring that out so you can more ahead soonish!

  3. Your swoon is going to be so fun!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Happy Halloween!! Love your Dr Who carving, even if it's not as bright :). Have a fun and safe holiday.

  5. Yay!!! Halloween!! I loved your pumpkin, and am sooo excited to see how your Swoon comes along! Great fabric picks. I might wait for the pearl bracelets to come out and supplement from those, since they're going to be so fantastic. Whatever you do will be sublime though, especially with those foxes!

  6. Cool pumpkins! ... Dontcha just love ironing?

  7. I say add in some from other lines, blenders or unknowns that fit in just as well as the others! and your pumpkin rocks, the dull glow is twice as creepy, though, right?


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