Friday, October 26, 2012

Farmer Friday - The One with a New Deadline

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It's become pretty obvious that I won't have my top finished by Halloween.

While I am a bit sad, I'm still gonna keep working towards that finished top.

Maybe by Christmas, yeah?

Would be a rather nice present to myself.

I put together blocks 71 & 72 this week.

FW 71 & 72

I'm not so sure about the clash of purples in 71 now that it's put together.

That mix of stars, though?

That just makes me happy. 

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  1. I like the two purples in #71. And I admire that you can admit you won't be able to reach your goal & adjust your expectations. I have a tendency to drive myself crazy trying to meet my original goal no matter how obvious it becomes I won't make it. I'm getting a little bit better about it in my old age, though ;)

  2. The stars are wonderful! And I think the purples look good together, so I wouldn't change them. Are you going to sash the blocks? I'm excited to see these each week and will be sad once you finish them. But I agree with Allison, you get props for being able to be realistic and not make yourself crazy.

  3. Keep going!!! I have about the same amount of blocks done. I have stalled out on quilting because I had jury duty and my daughter had tons of volleyball games. I would just come home at night and fall into bed!!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful, love the purple one but the one with the stars are pretty as wel.

    Can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow when its the halloween paper piecing day for you :-)


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