Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It's that time of year again!

Amy's Creative Side

I've been thinking all weekend about which quilt to enter this time around. I couldn't seem to come to a solid decision. So Sunday night I decided to sleep on it.

Then I went to bed and watched my husband grab the Grape Soda quilt and wrap it around himself like a burrito (we have two quilts on the bed...to avoid the blanket wars...which I usually start...okay okay, I always start them).

Suddenly, it didn't seem like that hard of a choice at all. This quilt was made for me. I broke into my precious Tula Pink stash. Ordered the purple fabric with the little pindots from rather far away. I even ran a whole QAL around it.

Then when I finished it, the Mr. stole it. He stole it with such conviction that I couldn't take it back.

I'm not upset in the slightest.

Grape Soda

Grape Soda
Measures 70" x 85"
Made during the Summer of 2012 for the Soda Pop Quilt-a-long on my blog.
Pattern by Katy Jones from the book Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters. 
Quilted with purple thread on my home machine.
Best categories: Applique, Home Machine Quilted

Close up of the quilting:

Grape Soda - Quilting

Be sure to stop by the Blogger's Quilt Festival to see all of the entries! I know I'll be browsing them for the rest of the week. 

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  1. Love it!! The purple is perfect!

  2. I <3 this quilt! I wanted to join in the qal so bad, but I had so many commitments at that time. One day I'll make one, a black cherry soda....

  3. Oh I love this quilt, Allegory! SO nice to see it again! It's super-special!

  4. I totally love it :-) Hopefully I'll get mine finished by the end of the year... Sorry bloke nicked it, I think its awffy good of you to let him! x

  5. Very cute! And any quilt stolen by a man HAS to be a good one. They are so picky about their frou-froufery... :-)

    Wonderful quilt - great name!

  6. Amazing quilt! And I love all the purple... there aren't enough purple quilts out there!

    Jennifer :)

  7. Totally gorgeous.
    The Tula fabric really sets is all off.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! It is kind of sweet when the men in our lives appreciate our sewing. :)

  9. I'd love to make one of these but can't bear the thought of all that cutting! You are so patient :)

  10. It is a wonderful choice! You put so much work into it and it shows!

  11. it's so fun!
    fresh and bright and interesting -- beautiful quilt. :)

  12. So bold and full of interesting fabrics - love it!

  13. You know I love me some Tula, good luck :o)

  14. it's fantabulous!! i nominated you in some category or another... can't remember which now though :)


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