Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Scatterbrains edition

I've got craft ADD.
Pretty badly too.
Yesterday's chaos pics are a good glimpse into the studio right now. I can't just settle on finishing one thing.

I also may have been majorly distracted by a runoff glue pile that I thought looked like a gummi bear.


See! Look!
Gummi Bear.
Someone already ate his poor arm.



Mr. Al's Dresden

I'm as surprised as anyone that I managed to get something done. It's Mr. Al's Dresden block. He drew it up. I made it. It's tacked on his wall right now. As is. Although it wasn't nearly as wrinkled once I ironed it. 

I've moved hoops to my nightstand to make sure they get worked on.
One is a present for the BFF and the other is for the Sailor Mouth Swap.



Present M:

Present in Progress

It's a terrible picture. I know. I apologize for that. It's the shot of it sitting in the corner where I tossed it. I think I sewed myself into a corner with this one. I needed a few days off from it. 

Second #sewingfail this week. I'm on a roll!

Shadowy Instagram pic. I'm on a roll!
There's a bit of #sewingfail in this one. But thanks to the new group, I embraced it. So I made two more blocks for this, one the correct way and the other in my "new design choice".
I'm hoping to really push forward on the quilt top now that these are done.

Tetris QAL:
Scrappy mini tetris block

After spending far too much time trying to decide how I wanted to do this one, I just jumped in.
Making a mini scrappy version.
I love that you have to look more closely at it to see the tetris shapes. 

No Progress:
WWC - Although I did find the missing grey fabric. 
Bottled Rainbows

Coming Soon:
Hush Bella
Mario QAL

Finishes: 1
New: 1
WiPs: 11

Still in those double digits. It's starting to feel like home.

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  1. I'm totally laughing at that glue bear! My daughters like making things like that out of glue purposefully. Next time they do, I'll tweet you a pic.

  2. oh my gosh, I didn't realize it *wasn't* a bear until I read that it was glue!

  3. Oh craft ADD. Yes I might have that too ;o)
    I am so using 'new design choice' from now on, so much better than 'I fucked it up' :o)

  4. Love the little glue bear! I think your take on the tetris quilt is really wonderful!

  5. That is a cute little glue bear. Your "new design choice" is hilarious.

  6. That rainbow square is great! I love all of the bright colors. Of course I also love your new gummi bear friend :).

  7. I had to giggle over the glue bit!

    Cute tetris block!

  8. I'm feeling your ADD pain! & really liking the tetris top :)

  9. Oh sweetie, thats a bit too many out in the open even for me.... Cant you postpone one or two, clear a little space and headroom? Gluemmi bear is awesome tho!

  10. Love the little glue bear, he is really cute! Love the tetris quilt top!

  11. Hahaha the things that distract us! What fun project starters! Love the scrappy tetris =D

  12. Great projects. Thanks for linking up.


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