Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Knots and Piles edition

My machine separation anxiety thankfully was only a 24 hour ordeal. Now I'm on the hunt for stickers to properly welcome it back home.
And a name.

I'm hoping with these updates it won't break on me again. Or that it'll magically transform itself into a Horizon.

I won't hold my breath.



Present for M - AKA The Project that Broke my Machine

Mario - Close Up

Mario - Full Shot

I highly doubt I'll be using Quilter's Grid again. Luckily I have two more samples from Pellon and Sulky of products to help me out with pixel quilts. After the terrible experience with the Grid, I'm really looking forward to the other products.

Also in this picture is the fabulous indoor line my husband installed for me as I was out running around to get my machine fixed. Best part is that it's portable and he installed hooks on other walls in the house and on the deck outdoors. "So that I have different light options." 

Love that man. Love him. The line hooks also double as canvas holders so I can start taking pictures for my etsy store. 

Best present ever. And it wasn't even a holiday. 

Makes me want to shop for cute clothes pins to hang blocks too. I'll add that in with my sticker hunt. 


Medallion Top


Scrap Vomit:

Scrap Vomit cutting

When I thought my machine was going to be out all week I moved my scrap vomit cutting to my desk. Now I've gotta clean it all up to set my machine up again. 

Sailor Mouth Swap: 

SMS - Progress

Knots and knots and knots. Oh..and some more knots.
This is where most of my time has been spent this week. I'm incredibly slow at making knots.

No Progress:
Present A
Tetris QAL
Bottled Rainbows

Coming Soon:
Hush Bella
Mario QAL

Finishes: 2
New: 0
WiPs: 7

Takin' my knots over to Lee's.

Hopefully next week they'll be in that completed pile. Otherwise I'll be in a bit of trouble.

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  1. Great project! I love using my Sizzix Big Shot too!

  2. eek! your mario project looks great! i love your modern medallion quilt too... I am still on step one of that! seeing yours motivates me to get back to it!

  3. Great medallion! And knots are so cool!

  4. Loving the evil Mario mini, and the washing line is a fab idea. Hmmmmmm

  5. Wow hope the projects start to go down soon! Good luck with the quilts =D

  6. Wow. 24 hours is impressive turnaround on a machine repair! Your Raccoon Mario quilt is really amazing and fun and a great idea. and I am very curious to see the whole knots project.

  7. You're so good at making knots.. I am terrible at it! Your projects look great. Glad your machine is back home! :)

  8. I <3 your knots! I've wanted to use them to outline like that for a while, i just haven't found the right word. I do very much like the word you've chosen though ;-)

  9. I hope to try some Super Mario blocks also.maybe in crochet though..


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