Sunday, August 26, 2012

Medallion Top - Finished!

I finished this top up on Thursday but I needed a few days of having it hanging around to make sure I was actually done.

The original pattern is a bit different than mine. I added more corner stones. In the first green border as well as the blue ones on the outside.
There's also another border of scrappy prints on the outside of the original. That's what I was hesitant about.

I haven't used white as a background solid before and the crisp edge of it had me thinking that I didn't want more prints on the outside of it. 

Instead I'm leaning towards making a wide scrappy binding. 

Medallion Top

Between this top and my Grape Soda, I've now used every big piece of Tula's Prince Charming I had in my stash.

It was hard to cut. This one more so than Grape Soda since this stack really was the last I had

Medallion Center

What's more surprising is that my favorite part of this quilt is the solid border.

I love it.
So much so that I've set aside the pieces I had left from this. While I'm leaning towards a patchwork quilt in solids, I'm still not sure. But that color range will show up again.

Medallion Borders

There's a ton of hand quilting to be done on this one so it'll be some time before I have a completed quilt to show off.

More than likely I'll be taking shots of the quilting as I work on it in Instagram. I'm sewallegorical on there ;)

Those of you that also took the Handstitched class will notice I don't have the embroidery in the first white border.
Something about it doesn't seem like a good fit for me. Thinking about doing layers of running stitch instead.

Of course, I'll be linking this up to the My Precious QAL since it's the last significant amount of my Prince Charming. 

Tula scraps.

At least I still have this big ol' bag of Tula Scraps to play with. 

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  1. Why didn't I realize that's what you were doing with all of those bits and pieces? I love it! The solids you chose do go really well with it all and are definitely a great little combo. I still have quite a bit of my bundle leftover from my Prince Charming quilt, I think I might cry when I use it all up!

  2. Oh, it's just lovely! So very lovely!!!

  3. Love this! But you know my love of Tula and that frog ;o) I've still not managed to get to my big quilt with it, I'm slowly working my way through a couple of extra FQs of frogs, but you're right, that fussy cutting is painful!

  4. Wow that looks incredible! What a great set of colours! I love your use of solid prints, At least you're keeping the quilt right? So you can look at the prints everyday =D

  5. It is beautiful. I love the prints and all of those solids.

  6. It's really beautiful. You did a wonderful job and I love the fabrics. I really can't wait to make one of these.

  7. Wow! How pretty! The Tula fabrics are just stunning! Oh, and a big congratulations on finishing the "big" project of our class! I'm still putts-ing away at getting mine done. Thanks for showing your top, it gives me some encouragement to keep the project going!

  8. Love how you showcased the frog prince! This is too fun.


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