Friday, August 24, 2012

Farmer Friday - Technical Difficulties

My machine has been acting up a little. Nothing big. It threw thread at me once but I was making it go through home dec cotton + fleece + quilt cotton. I would have thrown thread too.

I keep promising it "Just one more project and I'll take you to get serviced."

That was five projects ago.

Today it got revenge.

Poor 1/4" foot. I love you so.

I still don't know exactly how it happened. Me and my-still-unnamed-machine had been merrily sewing all morning. We finished quilting a wall hanging. We put on some binding.

Then when going to make a scrap vomit block before farmer's wife hiccuped. And that black piece of my foot got bent down into the machine.

I don't trust myself enough to do Farmer Wife blocks without that foot. All those tiny little pieces that have to be just right.

Looks like my machine gets a break to go to the repair shop after all. And I get to place an order for a new foot.

You win this round machine.

I hope you know that we'll be making blocks double-time when you get back to still try and finish the FW top in Oct.

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  1. Bet that was fun to fish out.

  2. Ugh, mine did that too! My problem was I was backstitching and the pointy part on the back got stuck and bent up and out of shape. I bent it back but it happened a couple more times and it finally just popped off. You know what though? It still measures 1/4" and without that guide in the way, you can leave pins in the fabric and it won't stop them and push them around and mess up your nicely pinned fabric. So pop that sucker off and keep that foot around for that, I use it all the time!

  3. Oh no! That sucks....Those little farmer's blocks are tricky, smart to use the right foot. Hope it all goes smoothly until you get it back!!

  4. I do not think that you need that black part. I took mine off.

  5. uh oh, I'm in that same 'I just want to finish this before I get my machine serviced' state right now. Maybe I should just bring it in and keep busy with EPP :) hope you get your machine back quickly!

  6. I had to ditch that black bit on my foot cos it kept messing with my fabric! Did you try without it?

  7. machines... truly they seem to have a mind of their own

  8. Hope it get fixed up soon! I've been putting off repairs too.


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