Thursday, August 16, 2012

Farmer Friday - Early Bird edition

Since my stop on the Winterkist Blog Hop is tomorrow I'm jumping in a lil' early with Farmer's Wife blocks for the week.

Trying to avoid going all post crazy on one day.

Blocks 57 & 58:

FW 57   58

I'm rather happy that there's only a little bit of wonk in the top corner of 57. Upon first glance it was going to be a trouble maker.

I've learned enough about these blocks though to be able to rearrange the order I put the pieces together. No y-seams for me. 

58 is just fun. Pulling on some of my favorite fabrics but making sure to grab one of the vintage ones as well. 
I like the mix.

Seriously think I should do that more often. 

In other news, glue-bear is getting a home built for him. I had an idea and ran off to Michael's. We'll see how quickly I can put it together. 

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  1. You have so many fun Halloween'ey fabrics!

    I can't wait to see the gummy bear den :).

  2. They look great. I love the idea of a halloween fwq - just went through looking at all your farmers friday posts, they're going to make one awesome quilt.

  3. Yes, I have a lot of 30s repros from years ago and now when I make blocks, I always throw some in there with the more contemporary fabrics. Love the look :)

  4. What cool looking blocks! Did glue bear get another arm attached? =D


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