Friday, May 18, 2012

Handmade Parade!

So the awesome Katie has developed a new linky party and I'm totally on board.

There and Back
It's a link-up designed just for handstitching. Whether it's hand piecing your blocks or embroidery this is the place to go to show off those handwork projects!

I've long had a stack of embroidery abandoned on a corner of my desk. There's also lil' post-it notes over there that have project ideas.

I could have pulled out an old project. But there was something I've been itching to work on and I wrote myself three different post-its about it! (Clearly forgetting about each one after I wrote it.)

A couple weeks ago I saw a picture on Lu Summers' blog of something she was doing with her Houses print in her Summersville line.

Combine that idea with my desire to have some sort of ABC sampler in my studio and you get my current project:

Handstitching progress for handmade parade

Honestly I don't know what stitches I'm going to use for everything. I also don't know how many letters I'm going to do. At least a full set. Maybe two.

It's my new couch project.

Never would I have ever thought to do that many french knots.

...Last week I would have told you I couldn't do them. Guess I can't say that now.


  1. Interesting beginning! I'll be looking out for the progress posts =D

  2. Ooh, I like it! Now I want to find some fabric with places to fill in like that!

  3. Oh my gosh. You. Are amazing. That is all......

  4. Fun idea! I might have gone for a letter with less filling for the French knots though lol

  5. Very neat idea. I can't wait to see what it ends up like. (And oh my goodness french knots!)

  6. you'll be an expert at french knots by the time you are done that 'o'! I need a handstitching project, but I can't settly on what I want to do...

  7. This is such the best idea ever!! I'm so excited about your project - I hope you keep posting updates on it. I love alphabet samplers and yours is super awesome!!

  8. Bunches of french knots aren't that can't really see any of them so you don't have to be that careful about how they form. Well done!

  9. This is a great start to a fantastic idea.


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