Monday, March 5, 2012

Modern Mini Challenge - I Heart Bacon

I'm so glad I got a chance to finish up my entry for the Modern Mini Challenge on time!

I saw so many great minis but I decided that I really needed to use this chance to learn a new technique (primarily cause I want to build a queen sized quilt using it).

Now you know by now that I can't really do anything without a twist.

I present I Heart Bacon.

I've been in a rectangle kick lately.

I stuck with a grey background because the pink and the red are completely out of my normal comfort zone. I needed my grey security blanket. 

Close-up of the hand stitching.

This mini gave me a good idea of what I'm going to run into when doing reverse applique on a larger scale. 

It wouldn't be one of my posts without the desk shot. 

The crazy shape of this of course made it difficult for me to photo. I'm still learning my crazy new camera. 

This little mini is now hanging in my hallway. I love the felt bacon applique in the center. And even if it's pink, the little piggy makes me happy.

It also makes me wish I wasn't out of real bacon. 


  1. Cute! I like rectangles myself! Ain't nothing wrong with bacon!

  2. Bacon, so good even makes salad taste better!

  3. Haha, more bacon! This is great. :)

  4. Oh Allegory... I love you. Hahaha, this is fabulous!

  5. Bwahahaha, a bacon quilt. How awesome is that?!

  6. So cute and so original.. LOVE it!! :o) (I heart bacon, too)


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