Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Plague

Forgive my sudden absence.
I think the holidays are trying to destroy me.

I swear that I have come down with some version of the plague. Today I managed to crawl to the computer to at least check my email and not leave all of y'all in the dark.

My sewing machine is glaring at me from across the hall.

But for now I'm going to see how much more apple juice I can possibly drink.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Farmer's Friday - Oops it's Saturday Edition

I was doing some midnight sewing again last night and by the time I got my block finished I was just too tired to take pictures of it.

Plus I was waiting for the mailman to deliver my camera so I could try it out.

Figures he wouldn't come until 5pm.

I've knocked my goal down during the holiday season to get one block a week done. I don't want to completely put the project off and lose momentum but I've gotten myself buried pretty deep in WiPs and needed to find some relief somewhere.

#23 didn't go so bad this week.

Of course I always end up with a crooked side somehow. Nothing I can't trim away later.


I'd been trying to find a way to use that grey marbled fabric. It was part of one of my halloween bundles and never seemed interesting enough to include.

I'm glad I got to work it in.

Now I'm off to try and grow another set of hands. That way I can embroider and sketch out plans in my design book at the same time.

Or maybe I can find a way to train my feet.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Echo Echo

Oh my stars and garters.

Let's just ignore the things I got done this week. 'Cause this WiP Wednesday brings the news that I won Lee's Echo FQ Giveaway.

I can't even tell y'all what I'm going to do with it because I didn't think I'd win!

I'm gonna have to start planning.

Which I've been doing too much of I think. I thought of three mini quilts I want to do while I was sewing last night. The word "mini" is deceptive. Because they're rather intricate. At least that's what my napkin sketches are telling me...

I write on whatever is available. My "idea box" is filled with the craziest items.

Oh man.

I think I've got it out of my system.

Time for a Roundup:


ZZQAL: Pffffffffftttttttttt. Do I even need to tell you I didn't work on it? 

FWQAL: There were 44 triangles involved

Birdie Stitches: I printed all the patterns out. Since I'm so behind. I'm thinking about going through my fabric and recutting in all polka dots.

Cranberry Pillow: Ugh. That's all. Ugh.

Less Than Three + Bottled Rainbows: Both just sitting in their baskets. Waiting. And Waiting.

But! Over the weekend I finished my table runner for the SewHappyGeek table runner/wall hanging swap.

It's a color combo that I wouldn't have thought to use on my own.

And thank you everyone so much for the comments last week on the two fabric stacks. I did end up going with the first set.

And I love it.

I was sad to see it go.


SHG TR/WH Sent - Teaser Shot

It was the first time I'd done any sort of string quilt design.
I think I'm a little addicted. 

Linking up with the fabulous Lee like always.

Completed: 1
WiP: 6

Friday, November 11, 2011

Farmer's Friday - The one with *44* triangles

I'm not entirely sure about a block so small that takes 44 pieces to construct.

Much less 44 triangles.

And you know me..
I almost completely lost a triangle in the construction.

But otherwise, not so bad.

Corn and Beans:

Only one block this week. I was a little scared of this one and wanted to just give it my full attention. Plus since I didn't cut out the pieces for any other blocks then I was forced to complete this one.

In other news I got the most fabulous package for the Sew Happy Geek Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap.

My box came from the extremely lovely Rebecca from Sew Festive!

It's so much fabulous it's just going to completely distract from my FWQAL block.

I'm okay with that.

All together:

That adorable hippo hoop is already on my wall. My own little piece of Japanese fabric that I've never seen before (and now want yards of, obviously).

So can we talk about the fact that there was Halloween fabric in my box!
And elephants!

The halloween fabric means these pictures are totally FWQAL related.

There was the sweetest note too (on the top stack of post-its which I was out of and always forgot at the store but now have super cute ones so Ha!) about how maybe I can use the fabric for my FWQAL. I am totally absolutely piecing these babies into the back.
I was actually fretting about the back of my quilt while piecing the block.
My fabric dreams have been answered.

These were just the extra things.

On top of all that awesome, I got this:
It's much brighter in person but I immediately hung it up in my hall that has the worst light of the whole house. This way I walk by it everyday.
Also I don't have this crazy white wall glaring at me when I'm cooking in the kitchen. 

Rebecca drew up this wall hanging based off of her favorite Terrain print. 
I love every single inch of it.

There's gnome fabric on the back.
Just a little piece.
I want to smoosh all the little gnomey faces.

I was watching this wall hanging progress from sketch to completion and secretly hoping it was mine the whole time.
She had mailed a bit ago tho' and nothing showed up at my place. So I had been searching through all the other projects to see which other one I thought might come to my home.

Turns out the mailman is a jerk who was holding it hostage.

Thank you so very very very much Rebecca! 

I'm in love.

I briefly considered running around the house pretending it was a cape.

Only 'cause it made me that happy. ;) 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Robots and Bacon Edition

Oh yes.

You read that title right.




In case you couldn't guess it was another week of smaller projects. I've started attacking these little things to just get them off my to-do list and relieve some stress. This lack of finishes on my larger projects is still nagging me.

But we carry on, yes?



The main attack plan for this upcoming weekend is to finish out my table runner for the Sew Happy Geek Table Runner/ Wall Hanging swap.

I'm still going back and forth on which purples I want to use. As soon as I think I decide, I like the other set better.

I've started cutting into all the other colors.
Here's the two sets before they were cut:

SHG Wallhanging Swap Fabric #2

ZZQAL: Oh ZZQAL..someday I'll show you I love you.
I've already figured out how I want to quilt it. With the top being no where near finished. Crazy, no?
Remember where I last left it?

That basket still looks exactly like that.

Other projects that might go ask to live at new homes soon:
Birdie Stitches 

Bottled Rainbows
Less than Three
Cranberry Pillow (commission) 

You know what I did finish tho?

My Bee block.
Paper pieced and everything.

He's all puckered. So no laughing.
It's only my second try at paper piecing.

Totally looking forward to more practice now tho'.

Also finished up some Felt Food Fun.
Made as an anniversary present for my other half.

It's such a long inside story/joke that I worry that typing it all out would just leave everyone confused.

One of those pieces of bacon knows its gonna be eaten. 

Completed: 2
WiP: 7 

In other news, I actually thought of a Christmas quilt I want to do yesterday.

I'll give you a minute to come to terms with that.

Oh wait...I don't think I've ever described that I've avoided Christmas quilting projects for ever and ever and ever and ever.

Until now.

I don't know who/what to blame this one on.

I should be ordering some fabric here soon and I'll show y'all the stack when I get it.

It's the one year anniversary of WiP Wednesday's at Freshly Pieced! I know I've only been on the WiP train for a couple of months now but I do love it so.

C'mon then. Let's go see what everyone else is working on! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chronicle Books: Happy Haulidays Giveaway

So the only thing in the world that can rival my fabric obsession is my book obsession. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I have an English degree...but I do. Currently my living room is lined with rows and rows of books stacked halfway up the wall (cause..I can't decide on bookcases).

My absolute must have craft book shopping list for the next few months is currently at six.

There's a seventh just trying to edge its way on there.

So y'all wouldn't believe my excitement when I saw that Chronicle Books was hosting their Happy Haulidays Giveaway again this year.

I almost got spaghetti on the floor.
Just sayin'....

So here's what I chose for my virtual 500$ shopping spree:

1) 1,2,3, Sew (24.95)
2) Paper Cutting (27.50)
3) World of Geekcraft (19.95)
4) Whip-up Mini Quilts (24.95)
5) Sublime Stitching (19.95)
6) Between the Bridge and the River (13.95)
7) Dante's Divine Comedy  (100)
8) Big Book of Breakfast (19.95)
9) The Antamony of the Sea (16.95)
10) Chicken and Egg (24.95)
11) Garden Anywhere (24.95)
12) Art of Mcsweeney's (45)
13) Embroidered Effects (24.95)
14) Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones (24.95)
15) Lotta Prints (19.95)
16) Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Fuzzy Felted Friends (14.95)
17) Denyse Schmidt Quilts (24.95)
18) Amy Butler's In Stitches (24.95)
19) Little Bits Quilting Bee (24.95)

It's actually $497.75 worth of books...but...yanno.

It's a bit of a mixed list. Some of these have been on my gotta-have list for a bit...others I just discovered and loved.

The best thing is...if I win, one of my commenters wins!
Any comment on this post is eligible.

Chronicle is also giving $500 worth of books to the blogger's charity of choice this year.

My choice is Everybody Wins! Atlanta. I've seen firsthand what a dedicated program can do to help teach a child to love reading. I was always more excited to get books for Christmas than toys. There are a lot of low-income schools in Atlanta that could certainly benefit from this donation should I happen to win.

So tell me... any of these books on y'all's Christmas list this year?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's kind of a funny story..

If you try really hard to make it funny.

I came down with some sort of funk. I'm blaming it on the plane. Because I can.

It's certainly not crippling but I'm just run down.

Really what I'm saying is that I haven't forgotten to blog. I've even tried to sew a bit.

Then I realized I hadn't gone to the grocery store in well over a week. So I took the 30 minutes to motivate myself to face the world.

And I went to the store.

And I came back and actually felt a lil energized.

Then realized my sick brain forgot cat food.

So I went out again.

And came home and still felt kinda okay.

So I thought I'd go sew. And get something done.

I flipped the lightswitch on my office. And all five bulbs in the fixture blew at one.


I've yet to get the nerve to go back to the stupid store again.

But I do have twelve boxes of Count Chocula.



They counted as Halloween merchandise and were 75% off.

If I ever get out of bed again, I'll take a picture.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Stupid Bathmat edition

I have a finish this week!

I'm not so sure that it'll be as exciting to you as it is to me.


have a bathmat.

Stupid Bathmat


My bathroom takes kinda weird pictures.

It's all mushed down in the center because immediately after I was done I took a shower.

To enjoy it.

Or perhaps because I was covered in tiny pieces of terrycloth from cutting up an old towel.
That's really a much more accurate reason.

I'm feeling pretty good about getting that off my plate.
Now onto the other things I need to get done.

Oh dear. 
I've run myself into the world of boring blog posts about bathmats....

What would you like to see to redeem myself?

Completed: 1
WiP: 9