Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Life in Boxes

Eep. I, uh, forgot about Farmer's Friday yesterday.

Please forgive me?

I think that is a good sign that I need a tiny break. My life is currently in boxes around me except for the things I refuse to pack early but that's going to have to get taped up too.

Plus there's running around getting water and power turned on. And buying plates and shower curtains!

I'm sure that I'll pop in here and update things. I'm just going to put my regular posts like Farmer's Friday on hold 'cause I can't guarantee that I'll remember in the chaos.

Give me until Labor Day?
I'll be back with a brand new craft room. Instead of being crammed in a corner.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WiP Wednesday - The Chicken Miracle

Remember last week where I said the only way I'd have a finished project three weeks in a row was if there was a chicken miracle?


It happened.

I hand-stitched *all* of Sunday.

Mostly thanks to y'all. Turns out all the lovely comments you left me were my motivation.



We're starting with chickens. Because it's done.
Done. Done. Done. Done.

Halfway through I decided I didn't want to make a wallhanging anymore. I wanted a table runner.

Wanna know something funny?
I don't exactly have a table right now.
I'm in this weird purgatory of moving. Where I have stuff. But no access to it.
And the stuff I do have I'm supposed to put in boxes.
I don't want to put fabric in boxes.
Wait...I digress.

I've had this project done since Sunday night and I didn't photograph it because my brain couldn't cope with photographing a table runner without a table.

So I hung it off the balcony railing like I do with everything else. Which is also weird because it's too thin to hang the right way. So it's sideways.

Someday I will take photos worthy of your viewing pleasure.

Oh..I know! Let's try to hold it up in the air. And still take a picture.
And then we'll turn the picture sideways so it almost looks right.
Brilliant? Not so much.

That picture makes me motion sick a little. 

The back for those of you that like that sorta thing:

Just ignore that pucker right there. It's nothing. Just stupid chickens that don't want to go together properly.

So there are the ugly chickens.

And that was all I did this week. Except for Farmer's Blocks that I posted on Friday.

We'll just group the rest of the list together here.

All the things I ignored to finish the chickens:
Less than Three
Halloween Secret
Birdie Stitches

On Hold:
Bottled Rainbows

Completed: 1
WiPs: 5

I'm taking the chickens over to Lee's. 
What'd you do this week?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mother's Keeper Reveal

I tried to call my mom last night to confirm that the quilt got to her.

She hung up on me.

She says it was her phone acting up.

Yeah. We'll go with that.

She did call back.
And she loves it. Which is fabulous.

It also means I can show you!

Super simple quilt design from one of the girls at my LQS.
I flipped some of the blocks. Just cause.

Kona Snow back with a splash of color on the bottom. Just the leftover pieces of the front.

My favorite block.
Would you believe that I don't like orange or yellow?
I really don't. Except now..I kinda maybe do.
Just a little.

What I really like is his stripey ear. 

Sooo glad this is off at its new home. 

One project done.
47 to go. (I made that number up...the scary thing is that I think it's close to accurate) 
So glad to get this off my to-do list and off to its new home. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Color driven

I'm spending the night winding down trying to pick my palette for the Dead Simple QAL at Lily's Quilts.

I love color. When I was younger I had to bug my parents to drive to a larger city so we could get a color wheel.

I've always had an eye for color. Pairing colors was the reason I started creating. I painted first. I still paint. It was dorm/apartment living that drove me towards fabric. Oils weren't allowed because of ventilation issues. And then I found I could mix my colors with fabric choices.

It's strange to me to be looking at put-together palettes. Normally I'll find one color/fabic/tone and start to pull from there. I let that first choice lead the way.

For this quilt I wanted to follow along and pick a palette. The challenge for me will be to not veer off.

My favorites so far:

I'm leaning towards that last one. Primarily because I've been missing the farm a lot. 

An old photo from the farm gives me this palette, which is also an option. 

I'll let it sit for a couple of days and see what happens. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I really need is a motivation stash

I have zero motivation today.
Hoarders is playing on my Netflix.

People..that is a bad sign.

The chickens are around me on the bed. I've sewn two.

Since noon.

My Go!Baby still hasn't gotten here. I'm having crazy fears that it got lost/stolen in shipping. Which makes me have serious sadface.

I at least got up and went through my stash for the Feeling Fussy Modern Fabric Swap.

I keep some strange fabric around.

I can only hope that someone else loves it as much as I do. 
Cutting into Castle Peeps was hard. I've been hoarding it. I need to spread the love, man. 

So I'll pack those up and send them on their way on Monday.

I wish I had a stash of motivation. I have a stash of fabric. I have a stash of art supplies. A stash of inspiration (both digital and around me in my art space). A stash of candy

No motivation.
Even the deadlines aren't doing it for me. 

And my brain's response to that last sentence is "Just keep swimming."

Swimming. Swimming. Swimming. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Farmer's Friday

It's funny to me that I used these blocks as rewards/breaks from other projects.

"Two more chickens and you can go sew those Farmer's Wife blocks."

Just two this week because I do have a few too many projects going on at once right now.

#13 - Buckwheat

I'm a little bit in love with this one. I thought I'd hate it once I had cut the fabric out. I was worried that I should have gone with different colors instead of different tones. 
I'm glad I just pieced it anyway. 

#14 - Butterfly at the Crossroads
I really just don't know about this one. 
Maybe it'll grow on me.

Coffee is calling me. Then a trip to the Post Office. Then the LQS to get more backing fabric for Chickens.

Then maybe I can get some actual sewing done today.

Unless I get distracted by something shiny.
Ooohhh... pumpkin cupcake recipe....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Ack. I forgot it was Wednesday! Seriously.

I think I dreamed that I made my WiP post and then when I woke up I thought it was Thursday...for about 9 hours.

Oh brain...what did I do to deserve this?


Birdie Stitches: I'm quite aware that it's August and I'm starting this. It's just so tempting! And cute! And I had charm packs I could use for it!
I started cutting this week. No sewing tho'

Ugly Chicken Project: Progress! Progress I say!
In case you missed it yesterday:
I have not only made my top hexagons but I also made sandwiches started with the QAYG. I have six of these bad boys done now. Six Chickens! 

Halloween Secret: Scrapped it. Resketched it. It's still a everybody. 

Less than Three: I did nothing for it this week! Go me..oh. Wait. Boo. 

FWQAL: Still chipping away. No new progress since Friday. 

ZZQAL: Would you believe me if I told you I was out of white thread? It's true! I will take a picture of my thread basket if I have to. I've yet to go to the store and get more. All my background pieces are white so I really want white thread. 

Mother's Keeper: Done! 
I finished it yesterday while taking a break from chickens. It's packed up in a box now. I can't wait until it arrives at it's new home so that I can show y'all real pictures. 

On Hold:
Bottled Rainbows:  I know! I know! I took it out! But when I was looking at my scraps over the week I saw that I'm rather short on orange and purple scraps. So I just shoved it back in the hold pile. Poor Bottled Rainbows. I love you. I do. 

Completed: 1
WiP: 6

That's two weeks in a row with a complete! And....unless a chicken miracle happens I think the streak will stop there.

Did you link up over at Lee's? Oh? You did. Well, good then.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Know what I love?

Finishing a quilt:

I picked the kinda glare-tastic picture on purpose as this quilt is a gift.
But I'll have it wrapped up and shipped off this week so I should be able to show more details soon. 

I should note that I went to quilt and bind this one because Chicken Hexies were driving me crazy. Finishing Mother's Keeper finally became the lesser of two evils.

And now....
This is the view in front of me. 
The deadline for this project is looming. 
Back to the insanity grind. 

One chicken...
Two chicken...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a quick one

You know all those projects I had to work on over the weekend?


I started something new instead.

My work methods astound even me. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Farmer's Friday - Triangles are against me

I've been keeping a slight score tab. In my head.
If I put it on paper that'd just be silly.

It's me vs. triangles.

Until today I'd caught up.

Let's recap.

Triangles ate my machine. +10 for triangles
Finish my KQAL +10 for me
Knock out a gorgeous Farmer's Wife block last week +5 for me

Seam rip and redo two blocks three different times +10 for triangles

Stupid triangles.

I had the pieces for four blocks cut out this week.
I spent so much time redoing these two that the others will have to wait a minute.

Block #11 Broken Dishes:
I don't like those edges that are off. Only had to take this one apart once because somehow I made the center triangles matching instead of alternating.

Block #12 Broken Sugar Bowl:

Again that right edge is off. But I took this block apart twice. Bleh.
Not 100% about that purple fabric in this but it was one I hadn't used yet and I'm trying to get all my Halloween fabrics in this quilt.

The first time I messed up I put the top right block on upside down with the purple in the center.
The second time I took a picture just for y'all...

This war isn't over yet triangles.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WiP Wednesday - I think I like Hexagons

Logically I know it's going to be a bit before that Go!Baby gets here. Still means I've gone downstairs twice now to look for the mailman.

Let's get to the Roundup.



Ugly Chickens (Hexalong Project 1): I found a cute little box to pack all my supplies up in so I've actually gotten some work done on this.
I can't wait until this thing is finished. I just hope the supporting fabrics I picked out make it a lil cuter.

Halloween Secret (Hexalong Project 2): Can't say too much about this one. I'm working away on it tho'. Super super excited about it.

Less than Three (Hexalong Project 3): I forgot to put info about this one in here last week. Umm..oops?
First of all...can we just point out that I have *three* hexagon projects going on. I'm even a lil amazed at myself. This is the BIG one. King sized with pieces of all of my favorite fabrics.

That was just the pile of stuff I started with. It's grown a little. I'm debating on putting monkey fabrics in there. As of right now I have a whole project planned for them so I'm thinking no. Might change my mind.
No actual hexies crafted yet on this seeing as I'm trying to steamroll through some chickens.

ZZQAL: It's kinda in a pile on my desk. I meant to do it. I'll catch up this weekend.

KQAL: Done! *does a little dance* I know I posted about it already but I'll throw another pic in 'cause I can.

FWQAL: I got three more done

Mother's Keeper:  Still waiting to be quilted. Still. Still. Still. Maybe if I type "still" enough I'll start to feel guilty and finish it.

Not technically started but not On Hold either:
Bottled Rainbows: Fabric on my cutting table. Not counting it as a start yet.
Birdie Stitches: It's Cindy's fault at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. Which I mean in the absolute best way possible. I'd been watching her blocks come together and commenting. Some awesome encouraging emails back and I'm in. I know it's waaaaay into this QAL but I'll see how quick I can jump in.

Completed: 1
WiPs: 6

That's my Wednesday! I'm driving all these hexies over to Lee's.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insert Muppet Flail here.

You know..
This one...

That's what I've been doing since about 2am. I woke up thirsty and went to the kitchen for a Diet Coke.
Something told me I should check my blogroll.
On the top of my list was This post over at Cut To Pieces.

I won an Accuquilt Go!Baby.
*more muppet flail*

I'm so excited y'all. I picked the Heart die, the Hexagon die (big surprise, huh?) and the 4" HST die.

That Warm/Cool Quiltalong is totally going on my To-Do list now.

I've got some great things coming up that I've got to go run and get to work on. Try and keep myself from waiting for the mailman.
Trying to figure out the best day to introduce my Pity Party.
And I really need to finish that secret Halloween project.
Plus Ugly Chickens is actually getting some attention.

Is the mail here yet?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Farmer's Friday with bonus KQAL pics!

I thought about doing three separate posts today since I knew I was going to be doing FQ Friday as well as my normal Farmer's Wife update.

I do love the number three. But to spare clogging up y'all's blog streams I thought it'd be best to just throw my KQAL pics in with my Farmer's Wife update.

Three blocks this week!
It puts me at ten total. Which is no where near where I wanted to be but I'm proud of my three.

Bat Wing, Bowtie and Box:
I didn't realize until now that this week was so very B filled. 
Somehow I missed Bat's Wing so I went back to pick that one up before continuing on so that I can keep doing them all in order. 

Now the bonus!

Today I learned that apartments + taking pictures of quilts = annoying.
Two more months until I'm outta here.
And better pictures for y'all then.

I had to sacrifice light a little in order to get a fuller picture. To get these I draped the quilt over the upstairs walkway rail then went halfway down the steps to get a pic. While standing on my tiptoes.
Good thing those neighbors didn't come out!

I like the splash of green on the back.
Some of my blocks are wonky but yanno...triangles.

My cat and I are currently having a fight about who gets to use this quilt.

I think I'm winning...

Fat Quarter Friday - August

I have a calendar alert on my phone for FQ Friday. Today I was down at my LQS as she was opening the door.

Excited much?
Who me?

The project for my FQ Friday for this month doesn't even really take a FQ. It could probably be a scrap project.
I've got no complaints about having fabric left over from a single FQ, tho.

I made myself a little drink cozy. Mainly because I've been drinking a lot of ice cold things in this horrid Atlanta heat. I'd end up with wet hands. Then threads were sticking to me and I was making lil wet spots on my fabric.

Not any more!

It's super simple. I know there's probably already a zillion +1 tutorials out there. I wanted to make one that was just mine.

I cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of batting 11 1/2" x 4".
Then I stacked them all together and lined each end up on my 45 degree mark on my cutting board.
Then I decided to make a lil' sandwich.

...only to find my panini bread stolen from the fridge.

Fabric sandwich it is then! 

You're going to want to include your closure in that sandwich. You can use a piece of elastic. Or a ribbon.
I used a hair tie. 'Cause I had it.
Let's just ignore the stitched edge here. Someone got excited and stitched without putting the closure in. Ahem...
Seam ripped an opening and re-stitched! 

Stitch it all together 1/4" from the edge. You're gonna want to leave an opening to turn between 1-2" wide. I left mine open on the bottom.

Turn right side out! 
I use a chopstick.

The next part is really up to you. I imagine at some point I'll make myself another one and do a cross-hash quilting across the whole thing.
Today I really wanted to sew some more Farmer's Wife blocks so I just stitched around the entire edge (being sure to fold in my open bottom). 

Next I needed a button.
Clearly not an issue in this house. 
Ohh. Look what's on top of the jar: 
I pick that one! 

To find out where I wanted the button I wrapped my cozy around my can then pulled at the elastic. 
You can certainly mark where you want it with a dot. I just left my thumb there when I pulled it off. 

Stitch on your button. Then wrap up that drink! 

I like the open side of it because sometimes I get something slightly sticky on my fingers and I like to rub them quickly on a cold can to take the stickiness off.

Now I'm not getting my hands wet unless I want to.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

KQAL - done!

Oh. My. Stars and Garters, y'all.

It's done.

I can hear it tumbling in the dryer now. Tumble. Tumble. Tumble.

I managed to take this picture of it before it started storming on me.
Bound in a cute grey dot print I found at Joann's.
Backed with Kona Snow and two extra blocks.

Hopefully tomorrow it'll be nice and sunny and I'll run out to grab a couple of front/back shots.

I'm so very glad I joined this quilt along at Don't Call Me Betsy.

Now I'm gonna stay away from triangles for as long as possible.

Oh..wait...I've got triangles to piece for the ZZQAL..and Farmer's Wife..
Someday triangles will behave for me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Fly-by Edition

I over-scheduled myself this week. Still managed to get a bit of work done.
This is gonna be a fly-by edition of WiP 'cause I've gotta do some last minute prep for the GRE tomorrow.



Hexalong/Ugly Chicken Project: 
These two go hand-in-hand now. Those hexies on the bottom were just for funsies. But there are now two chicken hexies. Progress!

KQAL: Basted the front. And...didn't make the back wide enough. *headdesk* I'll fix it this weekend. No way I'll get it done by tomorrow night like I'd planned.

More cutting! Huzzah! Soon I shall actually piece some rows together. I'm excited to actually see this thing come together.

Mother's Keeper: Again I spray-basted the top and this time the back wasn't wide enough. Sadface. 

On hold:
Bottled Rainbows: This baby is coming off hold the *second* I get that KQAL done. 

Completed: 0 

Some of this stuff is soooooooo close. Someday I'll show y'all a finished quilt. Someday. 

As usual, linking up with the rockin' party at Lee's.
Next week I'm gonna rock some completes. At least one. Maybe two. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Introduction (again)

I didn't exactly see August coming up this quickly. I mean I should have with the whole increasing date of July thing...but it still snuck up on me.

Lynne over at Lily's Quilts is hosting a Small New Blog Meet Up so I thought I'd write a bit of an introduction post. I don't think I've properly introduced better late than never, yeah?

Small New Blog Meet-Up

My name is Allegory. A lot of people call me Al which used to make me feel like a guy but I got over that pretty quickly. I have a southern accent that I pretty much hide all the time and my checking account's kryptonite is Halloween fabric. I. Can't. Have. Enough. My collection from college weighs 12 pounds.

Sewing was something my mom always did when I was younger. I think it rubbed off on me. I don't remember the exact moment I started but I know I got into it hard in college. I tried quilting but I made one baby blanket and then ran off into the comfort of costume sewing.

Fast forward six years and quilting bites me like a bug. Seriously. I get this itch to quilt. I start dreaming about quilts and sketching out designs in my notebook. I pawn these projects off on my mother. She quilts. I don't.

That only lasted about three projects during which I'd been going to my LQS to get fabric to mail to mom. Each time I'd come away with two or three pieces just for me. A pile started growing in my sewing corner. Then the pile had babies. A pile became a tote. A tote became....well...a mountain.

I really can't have enough fabric.

I started this blog when mom cut off the quilt production line. And I jumped in running.
I never would have thought quilting could make me so happy. Even when I break my machine or cut way too many triangles in a week.

Quick facts about me:
I'm a total geek.
I'm kinda silly.
I'm in love with the number three.
Sometimes I find fabric that I think is so ugly that I buy it because I feel bad for it.
I love monkeys.
The universe had decided to send me chicken fabric and I don't think it's quite right.

So hello to any new people! And hello again to those of you who have been with me.

I'm off to wrangle some chickens for the Ugly Chicken Project.