Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Robots and Bacon Edition

Oh yes.

You read that title right.




In case you couldn't guess it was another week of smaller projects. I've started attacking these little things to just get them off my to-do list and relieve some stress. This lack of finishes on my larger projects is still nagging me.

But we carry on, yes?



The main attack plan for this upcoming weekend is to finish out my table runner for the Sew Happy Geek Table Runner/ Wall Hanging swap.

I'm still going back and forth on which purples I want to use. As soon as I think I decide, I like the other set better.

I've started cutting into all the other colors.
Here's the two sets before they were cut:

SHG Wallhanging Swap Fabric #2

ZZQAL: Oh ZZQAL..someday I'll show you I love you.
I've already figured out how I want to quilt it. With the top being no where near finished. Crazy, no?
Remember where I last left it?

That basket still looks exactly like that.

Other projects that might go ask to live at new homes soon:
Birdie Stitches 

Bottled Rainbows
Less than Three
Cranberry Pillow (commission) 

You know what I did finish tho?

My Bee block.
Paper pieced and everything.

He's all puckered. So no laughing.
It's only my second try at paper piecing.

Totally looking forward to more practice now tho'.

Also finished up some Felt Food Fun.
Made as an anniversary present for my other half.

It's such a long inside story/joke that I worry that typing it all out would just leave everyone confused.

One of those pieces of bacon knows its gonna be eaten. 

Completed: 2
WiP: 7 

In other news, I actually thought of a Christmas quilt I want to do yesterday.

I'll give you a minute to come to terms with that.

Oh wait...I don't think I've ever described that I've avoided Christmas quilting projects for ever and ever and ever and ever.

Until now.

I don't know who/what to blame this one on.

I should be ordering some fabric here soon and I'll show y'all the stack when I get it.

It's the one year anniversary of WiP Wednesday's at Freshly Pieced! I know I've only been on the WiP train for a couple of months now but I do love it so.

C'mon then. Let's go see what everyone else is working on! 


  1. Wow, so much going on! It's all wonderful from what I can see. And I certainly won't laugh at your robot paper pieced block. I've done paper piecing once, MUCH simpler than what you have done here, and it just about knocked me out!! ;-)

  2. Are you really going to add something else to your "to do" list this close to Christmas?

  3. Felt food! It is such a fun thing, isn't it! Good luck with the next paper piecing project!

  4. I love the bacon! That is so stinkin' cute!!!


  5. LOL, you crack me up! I totally giggled at that poor bacon knowing he was going to be eaten. I like the first set of purples better, if that helps any :)

  6. Oh yeah, you totally needed something else on that list to do... ;o) I do love the felt bacon though :oD

  7. Yes, the felt food is wonderful, we all need bacon like that in our lives!

  8. I like the first set of fabrics better because you've got a light & dark purple, and the third fabric from the top links the purples & greens together the way the Peeps print links the greens & yellows. Just my 2 cents worth :)
    and that bacon is hillarious!

  9. Love love love this post!! Can't go wrong with bacon, not ever!

  10. yikes - sounds like you have your hands full there!

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  12. Oh my gosh, the robot is so darned cute! And so is your felt food!

  13. Good for you for trying to paper piece a robot. I just started paper piecing this month and am not that brave yet. :)

  14. Lots going on! Love your fabric pulled for the tablerunner swap.

  15. I love the robot, you'll get, keep trying.

  16. Your have seriously many projects on the go - wow! And your robot is very cute - not bad for a second paper piecing try.

  17. those colors for the runner look great! I finished mine this weekend to ship it on out!

  18. Oh, how well i know the feeling of too many WIPs! :)

    I like the fabric you've chosen for the runner/hanging swap...but I like them better in the first photo than the second. Was it natural light, or a spotlight?

  19. Love your felt food and the bacon rocks!

  20. You have some great projects there. Looks like very nice fabric too.

  21. Robot and bacon.. too funny! I am liking your projects and know what you mean about avoiding Christmas projects.. but alass I have talked myself into three of them. Yes, I'm insane! Happy sewing!

  22. Hi! A new follower. The robot is great. My paper piecing skills are non-existent. And who doesn't love bacon - real or felt?

  23. If I had another FQ bundle to giveaway for best WIP Wednesday post title, you would totally win that one. LOL. Love your paper-pieced robot! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  24. What a fun project set to share with us! I am so curious about the story though concerning the bacon!!

  25. Haha! Love it! Those bacon are adorable!

  26. I love your post. The bacon is cute, the robot is awesome, and I can't wait to see what your Christmas quilt is all about. :)

  27. the little robot is adorable...and who could resist bacon that cute.

  28. Oh my god, the felted food! Love it.


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