Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Pffftttt

Oh Hai.

You ever have one of those weeks where you work really really hard on something and you're insanely proud of it but you can't show it yet?
I mean one of those "I'm so proud" moments where you run into the bedroom and jump up and down on the bed where someone happens to be sleeping going "look! LOOK!" and shaking your creation in your hand so said sleepy person can't really get a good look at it but you expect them to anyway.

Just me?


Well, that was my week.
Bed jumping and all.

Oh..and there's this monster..right here...

Stupid Towel Rug Project

Bleh. I'm so sick of looking at it that I don't even really want to take a picture of it. Can you tell? I sure can.

I spent *hours* cutting those little holes. So that's why only row is done. Here's hoping I finish it.

And there's this monster!

I've loved loved LOVED the monsters y'all have been showing me for an extra entry in the giveaway. The giveaway is still open until 11:59PM EST on the 13th!

The Real WiP Roundup:

I fixed some mistakes in my FWQAL

Outside of the monster.
And the monstrous plastic.
I got nothin' right now.

Linking up with Lee's cause it's tradition.
What did y'all do this week?


  1. Love your monster! I'll have to go back to that entry post and see everyone's monster pics!

  2. that is one seriously awesome monster.

  3. Love your monster ,looks cool!!

  4. Haha! That's a funny monster!

  5. That monster is awesome! Can't wait to find out what's been making you jump up and down!

  6. ROFL, I have no-one to jump on a bed to wake, but I can totally see me doing that if I did lol

    Love the monster cushion

  7. My grandma used to be the person that I'd run to. I never ever jumped on her bed to wake her up, but she was always there when I went looking for someone to share with. The best part? No matter how hidious my project she always told me how beautiful it was.

    I love me some silly monsters too!


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