Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Fabric a-go-go

Still no sewing today.
I had to run to the fabric store (Yay!) and then the grocery store. (Boo.)

I've still got some goodness to show y'all tho'.



My trip to the fabric store was because I managed to not have the fabric I *thought* I had for the Black, White & Grey Charm Swap

I also got a little bit extra for the Yellow, Aqua & Grey Charm Swap simply because I want some left over because it's a yellow that I actually like. 

I'll be cutting these into squares asap:


Really not much to report here since I was traveling. I managed to not have any time for handwork.

I missed my sewing machine while I was gone so I went to start catching up on the ZZQAL when I was having trouble sleeping last night.

Still need to add triangles on the other side. And add the first triangles on the other half of the color strips. But at least I'm crawling moving forward.

Fabric a-go-go:
So outside of buying fabric, I also managed to steal the rest of my old stash from my mother. I really didn't remember most of this.

...that was just the top layer of the box. Let's just dump it over, shall we?

I think I have a little bit of a reorganization project on my hands. The great thing is that some of this was purchased 10 years ago. And it's been living in Kentucky for 5. So it's just a big ol' basket of surprise.
Hello fabric stash. Glad to see you growing.
(When I get done posting this I'm totally going to spend the gift certificates that I won, too. Never enough fabric. Never. Ever.)

Projects I need to get back into:
Less than Three
Birdie Stitches (seriously considering revamping the fabric in this)
Cranberry Pillow (commission)
Bottled Rainbows
Felt Food Fun
The Evil Bathmat

It doesn't feel right that the list grew while I was away. My Quilt Bee block isn't on the list but I need to do that one as well.
And there was the ideas I put into my sketchbook....
Somedays I think we should all have assistants...

Completed: 0
WiP: 10 (ew,,,double digits still) 


  1. HAD to go fabric shopping? Bummer! Also, how sad that you had to rescue all that fabric from taking up space in your mum's home... ;o)

    As for what you missed, can't think of anything epic (can't really think of much at all, let's face it ;o) ) Welcome home :oD

  2. I think it was a win win for you with the fabric shopping and the fabric your mom had kept.

  3. Wow! Lots of goodies for you! Can't wait to get my Halloween fabric! I've already got a plan!

  4. How fun to find your old stash! I spy sock monkeys.. made my son a quilt and a pillow case out of that line. :o) Love that yellow, too..sounds like you had a great trip to the fabric store. You reminded me that I have a gift cert. to spend too! You are right, NEVER enough fabric!! :o) Have fun shopping!

  5. A fabric time capsule. That is awesome!

  6. Loving the yellow and blue fabric! There's no such thing as too much fabric :)


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