Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Conceptual Edition

It's another weird week around here.

Most of what I have to show is a lot of conceptual work.

I've reached a weird limbo where I've got some guest post/household/commissions/bee projects that are due soon-ish.

So yet again I've pushed all my regular projects aside except for FWQAL which isn't going that well. (I'm sensing a theme for where I do too much).

Wanna see what I'm working on?

A robot for Sew Bee Joyful's October block. He's going to be my first paper pieced block. I'm planning on making him at least twice. Once or twice with my fabric and then using the bee fabric. 

The white is some Insul-Bright I just picked up. I have *no* potholders. I realized it made kind of a boring picture so I added the paint chips I've acquired this week. No idea what I'll do with the paint chips, but look at all those colors.

Variation on a log cabin block that I'm working on. Mine's a mini wall hanging but I'm running some numbers on making it an actual quilt block. 

Another needed household project. I need a bath mat. That top towel I've had for 10 years now. I took it from home on the way to college and never lost it. It's coming apart completely so I'm going to make it a bath mat so I still have it. 

Projects still waiting to be worked on:
Birdie Stitches - I'm still so uncertain on my fabric choice for this one.
Bottled Rainbows
Less Than Three
Cranberry Pillow(commission) 

I'm hoping to at least get the household projects knocked out today. We'll see how that goes.

Completed: 0
WiPs: 10 (ack!) 


  1. Ooh, why not use the paint chips to create an improv quilt block as an art piece for your wall? What else can I think of, hmmmm.....??? Love the robot!

  2. Heh, yes, I'm also kind of fooling myself into thinking I'm in a lull, but I know that as I'm away all next week, the end of the month and things due will be all in a rush - eek!

    Turns out I didn't have enough flour or sugar for the cookies either - bum!

  3. The robot looks fun! Umm, hard. But fun! Totally fun! I've seen lots of cool art ideas with paint chips, so I'm sure you'll come up with something.


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