Thursday, October 27, 2011

No more secrets..I have another Guest Post.

So you remember that thing I made that I was super super super excited about before my trip?
Where I jumped up and down on the bed?
And then I was a horrible person that told you *nothing* about it.

I don't have to be horrible anymore.

It started as a sketch on a napkin and grew into a pumpkin block that I'm seriously proud of.


There's a guest post with the full tutorial over at SewHappyGeek!

I love this little block. I want to make a quilt full of them. And use bigger strips and make a wall hanging.

Clearly I'm gonna need some more orange scraps.


  1. Heh, it looks fab. BTW, what date were you expecting to see it? I was expecting mine up yesterday, so I'm trying to work out when it will be there lol


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