Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Glimpse into a Typical Afternoon.

I've begun to take serious advantage of the fact I have an entire room to work in now.
One with a door.
That I can use to keep the monsters out.
Or in..

I was on the hunt for two things this afternoon: the graph paper + a sketch of my logo I had made.

While I was searching, I thought it might be fun to snap pictures of the things I came across to give y'all a glimpse into my creative chaos.

Mind you that all of this is outside of the Fabric Corner of my room.
I keep all my quilting on one half of the room. Today's search takes place in the other half. The half of misfit projects.
Because while now I mainly quilt. That hasn't always been the case and there are a lot of other types of crafting that I do but just don't document.

Maybe I should show more of those.


Waiting for me right on the other side of the door was this tiny pile:

Some tiny crafts that came with my magazines. I keep meaning to do them. I'm sure they take less than a hour.
Now that I think about it there's three more somewhere in that room.

Oh look!
The fabric for one of my commissioned quilts has wandered over to join an epic felting project:
I started that project over a year ago. 
I really want to finish it.
It's a pain.

Finally made it to the little mini bookshelves under my computer desk!
They hold my craft books + notebooks + sketchbooks + sketching supplies.
This is everything I pulled off the shelves to find the graph paper:
Now for that logo sketch.

I didn't make it in a sketchbook. I did it on some random piece of paper at work.
Or maybe at IHOP. 
I wish I could tether a sketchbook to me.
I make notes/sketches on *everything*.

I know that looks like a shopping list. It's really a cryptic list for a gift.
With random xbox controller parts that didn't get put away.

Let's try the last pile on this side of the room!

That's just a muslin mock-up of a jacket I'm making. And all of the floss I need for someone's Christmas gift.

I wish that floss pile was smaller.....

No sketch.

I'll find it when I really don't need it anymore.
At least I have graph paper.

Although now I kinda feel like baking pumpkin cookies.....


  1. Go with the cookies, it can be traumatic taking a trip down amnesia lane through old craft projects ;o)

  2. How did you get that camera into my house??

  3. I also have a pile of small craft kits I got from British magazines. I love them!

  4. Thank God there are others like me!!!! Whenever I clean up and put something where it "belongs" I can be sure it's gone for good ;-) Best example: my birth certificate.

  5. I suspect that you are much like any other craftsperson; I can't count the number of crafts I have dabbled in!


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