Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Ack. I forgot it was Wednesday! Seriously.

I think I dreamed that I made my WiP post and then when I woke up I thought it was Thursday...for about 9 hours.

Oh brain...what did I do to deserve this?


Birdie Stitches: I'm quite aware that it's August and I'm starting this. It's just so tempting! And cute! And I had charm packs I could use for it!
I started cutting this week. No sewing tho'

Ugly Chicken Project: Progress! Progress I say!
In case you missed it yesterday:
I have not only made my top hexagons but I also made sandwiches started with the QAYG. I have six of these bad boys done now. Six Chickens! 

Halloween Secret: Scrapped it. Resketched it. It's still a everybody. 

Less than Three: I did nothing for it this week! Go me..oh. Wait. Boo. 

FWQAL: Still chipping away. No new progress since Friday. 

ZZQAL: Would you believe me if I told you I was out of white thread? It's true! I will take a picture of my thread basket if I have to. I've yet to go to the store and get more. All my background pieces are white so I really want white thread. 

Mother's Keeper: Done! 
I finished it yesterday while taking a break from chickens. It's packed up in a box now. I can't wait until it arrives at it's new home so that I can show y'all real pictures. 

On Hold:
Bottled Rainbows:  I know! I know! I took it out! But when I was looking at my scraps over the week I saw that I'm rather short on orange and purple scraps. So I just shoved it back in the hold pile. Poor Bottled Rainbows. I love you. I do. 

Completed: 1
WiP: 6

That's two weeks in a row with a complete! And....unless a chicken miracle happens I think the streak will stop there.

Did you link up over at Lee's? Oh? You did. Well, good then.


  1. Sounds like you accomplished alot, even tho no finish - this IS w.i.p. Wednesday, not Finish Wednesday! :-)
    Loved your post & glad you remembered!

  2. looks like you have been busy. I can't wait to see the rolled up quilt.

  3. Such a lot in progress - something for every mood (even "fowl"! LOL)


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