Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WiP Wednesday - I think I like Hexagons

Logically I know it's going to be a bit before that Go!Baby gets here. Still means I've gone downstairs twice now to look for the mailman.

Let's get to the Roundup.



Ugly Chickens (Hexalong Project 1): I found a cute little box to pack all my supplies up in so I've actually gotten some work done on this.
I can't wait until this thing is finished. I just hope the supporting fabrics I picked out make it a lil cuter.

Halloween Secret (Hexalong Project 2): Can't say too much about this one. I'm working away on it tho'. Super super excited about it.

Less than Three (Hexalong Project 3): I forgot to put info about this one in here last week. Umm..oops?
First of all...can we just point out that I have *three* hexagon projects going on. I'm even a lil amazed at myself. This is the BIG one. King sized with pieces of all of my favorite fabrics.

That was just the pile of stuff I started with. It's grown a little. I'm debating on putting monkey fabrics in there. As of right now I have a whole project planned for them so I'm thinking no. Might change my mind.
No actual hexies crafted yet on this seeing as I'm trying to steamroll through some chickens.

ZZQAL: It's kinda in a pile on my desk. I meant to do it. I'll catch up this weekend.

KQAL: Done! *does a little dance* I know I posted about it already but I'll throw another pic in 'cause I can.

FWQAL: I got three more done

Mother's Keeper:  Still waiting to be quilted. Still. Still. Still. Maybe if I type "still" enough I'll start to feel guilty and finish it.

Not technically started but not On Hold either:
Bottled Rainbows: Fabric on my cutting table. Not counting it as a start yet.
Birdie Stitches: It's Cindy's fault at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. Which I mean in the absolute best way possible. I'd been watching her blocks come together and commenting. Some awesome encouraging emails back and I'm in. I know it's waaaaay into this QAL but I'll see how quick I can jump in.

Completed: 1
WiPs: 6

That's my Wednesday! I'm driving all these hexies over to Lee's.


  1. I think hexies for the chickens is a cute idea. Can't wait to see what you add to wrap up that project!

  2. LOVE your kaleidoscope! And all those hexies - oh my! (darling!)

  3. omigosh i looooove all those robot prints, i have some of the blue/white one at the bottom in the second pic... only i think it's a jersey knit I planned on making baby clothes out of. (that never happened, haha). great kaleidoscope quilt, mine is slow going but I'm sticking with it :D

  4. You have hexagon-madness! LOL

    Good luck with all those projects (hexie and otherwise)!

  5. You can't go wrong adding monkeys :) {as long as you have enough for the other project, too} And your KQAL is so awesome, you show it off as much as you want :)


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