Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Fly-by Edition

I over-scheduled myself this week. Still managed to get a bit of work done.
This is gonna be a fly-by edition of WiP 'cause I've gotta do some last minute prep for the GRE tomorrow.



Hexalong/Ugly Chicken Project: 
These two go hand-in-hand now. Those hexies on the bottom were just for funsies. But there are now two chicken hexies. Progress!

KQAL: Basted the front. And...didn't make the back wide enough. *headdesk* I'll fix it this weekend. No way I'll get it done by tomorrow night like I'd planned.

More cutting! Huzzah! Soon I shall actually piece some rows together. I'm excited to actually see this thing come together.

Mother's Keeper: Again I spray-basted the top and this time the back wasn't wide enough. Sadface. 

On hold:
Bottled Rainbows: This baby is coming off hold the *second* I get that KQAL done. 

Completed: 0 

Some of this stuff is soooooooo close. Someday I'll show y'all a finished quilt. Someday. 

As usual, linking up with the rockin' party at Lee's.
Next week I'm gonna rock some completes. At least one. Maybe two. 


  1. The ZZ looks very interesting!

  2. What's ugly about the chickens?? I love them!

  3. I like the idea of chicken hexies! That way you're not married to the whole piece of fabric. Can't wait to see some of your other projects come together!


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