Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WiP Wednesday - The Chicken Miracle

Remember last week where I said the only way I'd have a finished project three weeks in a row was if there was a chicken miracle?


It happened.

I hand-stitched *all* of Sunday.

Mostly thanks to y'all. Turns out all the lovely comments you left me were my motivation.



We're starting with chickens. Because it's done.
Done. Done. Done. Done.

Halfway through I decided I didn't want to make a wallhanging anymore. I wanted a table runner.

Wanna know something funny?
I don't exactly have a table right now.
I'm in this weird purgatory of moving. Where I have stuff. But no access to it.
And the stuff I do have I'm supposed to put in boxes.
I don't want to put fabric in boxes.
Wait...I digress.

I've had this project done since Sunday night and I didn't photograph it because my brain couldn't cope with photographing a table runner without a table.

So I hung it off the balcony railing like I do with everything else. Which is also weird because it's too thin to hang the right way. So it's sideways.

Someday I will take photos worthy of your viewing pleasure.

Oh..I know! Let's try to hold it up in the air. And still take a picture.
And then we'll turn the picture sideways so it almost looks right.
Brilliant? Not so much.

That picture makes me motion sick a little. 

The back for those of you that like that sorta thing:

Just ignore that pucker right there. It's nothing. Just stupid chickens that don't want to go together properly.

So there are the ugly chickens.

And that was all I did this week. Except for Farmer's Blocks that I posted on Friday.

We'll just group the rest of the list together here.

All the things I ignored to finish the chickens:
Less than Three
Halloween Secret
Birdie Stitches

On Hold:
Bottled Rainbows

Completed: 1
WiPs: 5

I'm taking the chickens over to Lee's. 
What'd you do this week?


  1. You make me laugh. Thank you! Great table runner, table or no.

  2. This is sooooo funny! I think it's cute!

  3. I'm glad for you that the chickens are done! Do you have to show them at your guild or something? I remember you said they were part of a guild challenge.

  4. Well done for finishing! It's not ugly at all - you'll have to rename it :)

  5. You could always wear it as a scarf? It would be sort of like a boa...a feathered scarf. Tee hee hee.

    I haven't finished a blessed thing....but we got our oldest son off to college.... And scoured the bath that he shared with his little brother. (Little brother is very grateful) That should count for something.

  6. Oh no! No more fowl times ahead? How sad! LOL

    I'm glad you got it finished and can move on from ugly chickens - well done on your persistence.

  7. I have totally done that "dangle it while taking a picture that doesn't include my fingers" kind of pose. Yours came out better. Looks cute! Hope you get moved soon so you can enjoy it on a table!

  8. I like it! And I'm not gonna tell you how many UFOs I have haunting my sewing space. And now I've started knitting, so there are even more!
    Pack, pack, schmack. Yuck. No fun. Enjoy your chickens!

  9. Lol, well done for beating the chickens into submission!


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