Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I really need is a motivation stash

I have zero motivation today.
Hoarders is playing on my Netflix.

People..that is a bad sign.

The chickens are around me on the bed. I've sewn two.

Since noon.

My Go!Baby still hasn't gotten here. I'm having crazy fears that it got lost/stolen in shipping. Which makes me have serious sadface.

I at least got up and went through my stash for the Feeling Fussy Modern Fabric Swap.

I keep some strange fabric around.

I can only hope that someone else loves it as much as I do. 
Cutting into Castle Peeps was hard. I've been hoarding it. I need to spread the love, man. 

So I'll pack those up and send them on their way on Monday.

I wish I had a stash of motivation. I have a stash of fabric. I have a stash of art supplies. A stash of inspiration (both digital and around me in my art space). A stash of candy

No motivation.
Even the deadlines aren't doing it for me. 

And my brain's response to that last sentence is "Just keep swimming."

Swimming. Swimming. Swimming. 


  1. "Finding Nemo" was on free-to-air TV last night for the umpteenth time.

    Hope you get your motivation back soon. (Perhaps you need to start something new - but small, small, small!)

  2. Somedays are like that. Hope it moves on soon.

  3. I have days like this too. I realize how serious it is when the "You've been watching for more than 3 hours, would you like a break?" message on HULU pops up. Stupid Hulu! Stop judging me!

    But enough about my motivation funks- I'm sure your mojo will come back soon :)

  4. I think I have a stash of insanity. I'm on lock down. NO NEW PROJECTS UNTIL SOME FINISHES. See, I say that and immediately remember I have a baby quilt due in November that will have to get finished! I like your fussy cut swaps. I'm sending mine Monday too; so is Mitzi from

  5. Dude, if I had a stash I would so share it with you. Alas, I do not, Not even candy. On the bright side, your charms are super cute. Weiner dogs!

  6. I've just been SLOW today. I haven't finished ONE of the projects I intended to complete today. Nice fussy cut picks!

  7. Oh you must show us what you make with the Go Baby! I'm sure it is arriving on Monday.
    Don't worry, we all have one of those weekends.

  8. I hate those days, so much to do, so little inclination! I spent yesterday studiously avoiding a dress, today I think I'm going to have to give in...

  9. yeah, days like that aren't fun - give in & just do something you enjoy! Wondering if you participate in w.i.p. wednesday? Making a list of your works in progress & photographing them all for a post on Wednesday could give you fresh eyes...


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