Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Life in Boxes

Eep. I, uh, forgot about Farmer's Friday yesterday.

Please forgive me?

I think that is a good sign that I need a tiny break. My life is currently in boxes around me except for the things I refuse to pack early but that's going to have to get taped up too.

Plus there's running around getting water and power turned on. And buying plates and shower curtains!

I'm sure that I'll pop in here and update things. I'm just going to put my regular posts like Farmer's Friday on hold 'cause I can't guarantee that I'll remember in the chaos.

Give me until Labor Day?
I'll be back with a brand new craft room. Instead of being crammed in a corner.



  1. Ugh, moving is never fun. Hope you're done soon!

  2. Here's hoping that everything goes smoothly!

  3. You're excused ;-) Hope everything goes well!!!

  4. forgiven ;) congrats on the new craft room!


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