Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mother's Keeper Reveal

I tried to call my mom last night to confirm that the quilt got to her.

She hung up on me.

She says it was her phone acting up.

Yeah. We'll go with that.

She did call back.
And she loves it. Which is fabulous.

It also means I can show you!

Super simple quilt design from one of the girls at my LQS.
I flipped some of the blocks. Just cause.

Kona Snow back with a splash of color on the bottom. Just the leftover pieces of the front.

My favorite block.
Would you believe that I don't like orange or yellow?
I really don't. Except now..I kinda maybe do.
Just a little.

What I really like is his stripey ear. 

Sooo glad this is off at its new home. 

One project done.
47 to go. (I made that number up...the scary thing is that I think it's close to accurate) 
So glad to get this off my to-do list and off to its new home. 


  1. Looks great! The stripey ear is very fun.I really like that fabric surrounding the bigger dogs. (I started to type weiner instead of dog, but that might not have sounded good. And you may have gotten some odd visitors via google searches...)

  2. How flippin' cute are those dogs? I don't usually like animal prints(there are too many purple and pink freaky looking cat prints out there for my taste), but this is fun/funky. Also loving the chunky blue border- Nice!

    Oh and if you have a thing for pink cats, erm, ya. srry. we still cool, right? ;)

  3. Cute puppies!!!!!I love them. And I like the colors, too. Good job!

  4. You know the word that you have to type when you comment, so that the site doesn't think you're spamming them? The word I just typed on my previous comment was "resses." Too close to Reeses. Now I've craving Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!
    :) Just thought I'd share.

  5. Love it! Did you make the pattern! If they were a little fatter they could be Bassetts...like my puppy.

  6. Lol as your mum hanging up on you, I've been tempted to do that to mine a time or two ;o)

  7. I love his stripey ear too! So cute!

    I'm really glad your mum loved your quilt.

  8. I do like the little dogs. Lovely quilt.


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