Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Know what I love?

Finishing a quilt:

I picked the kinda glare-tastic picture on purpose as this quilt is a gift.
But I'll have it wrapped up and shipped off this week so I should be able to show more details soon. 

I should note that I went to quilt and bind this one because Chicken Hexies were driving me crazy. Finishing Mother's Keeper finally became the lesser of two evils.

And now....
This is the view in front of me. 
The deadline for this project is looming. 
Back to the insanity grind. 

One chicken...
Two chicken...


  1. The colours in the quilt roll look very nice!

    Have a wonderful tme with the chickens!

  2. A finish is always such a high! Congrats!! Good luck with the chickens - yikes!

  3. The quilt looks interesting. I look forward to the reveal.


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