Monday, August 1, 2011

Introduction (again)

I didn't exactly see August coming up this quickly. I mean I should have with the whole increasing date of July thing...but it still snuck up on me.

Lynne over at Lily's Quilts is hosting a Small New Blog Meet Up so I thought I'd write a bit of an introduction post. I don't think I've properly introduced better late than never, yeah?

Small New Blog Meet-Up

My name is Allegory. A lot of people call me Al which used to make me feel like a guy but I got over that pretty quickly. I have a southern accent that I pretty much hide all the time and my checking account's kryptonite is Halloween fabric. I. Can't. Have. Enough. My collection from college weighs 12 pounds.

Sewing was something my mom always did when I was younger. I think it rubbed off on me. I don't remember the exact moment I started but I know I got into it hard in college. I tried quilting but I made one baby blanket and then ran off into the comfort of costume sewing.

Fast forward six years and quilting bites me like a bug. Seriously. I get this itch to quilt. I start dreaming about quilts and sketching out designs in my notebook. I pawn these projects off on my mother. She quilts. I don't.

That only lasted about three projects during which I'd been going to my LQS to get fabric to mail to mom. Each time I'd come away with two or three pieces just for me. A pile started growing in my sewing corner. Then the pile had babies. A pile became a tote. A tote became....well...a mountain.

I really can't have enough fabric.

I started this blog when mom cut off the quilt production line. And I jumped in running.
I never would have thought quilting could make me so happy. Even when I break my machine or cut way too many triangles in a week.

Quick facts about me:
I'm a total geek.
I'm kinda silly.
I'm in love with the number three.
Sometimes I find fabric that I think is so ugly that I buy it because I feel bad for it.
I love monkeys.
The universe had decided to send me chicken fabric and I don't think it's quite right.

So hello to any new people! And hello again to those of you who have been with me.

I'm off to wrangle some chickens for the Ugly Chicken Project.


  1. Hi, just found you from Lily's Quilts link up. I am doing the Hexalong too. I am a new follower, hope you will go check out my little blog too. I look forward to seeing what you are up to!

  2. I saw some of the ugliest fabric I have ever seen this weekend. I'm not even sure you could have bought it. I considered it, just so I could show someone, but decided taking a picture was enough. Not sure if I could sleep with it in my house. Awful electric sea-green with Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, and some scary bird-girl jumping rope. Maybe we should have a scary fabric party...Glad I found your blog!

  3. You write really well and I love your enthusiasm for fabric - boy does it multiply fast

  4. Hi I found you through lily's quilts too, I'm sooo happy I'm not the only person with a "pity pile o' fabric" I'm planning on collecting it until I have enough to make the ugliest quilt known to humanity :D

  5. Great read!! People look at me like I have two heads when I tell them I sew!

  6. Hello, have just come from Lily's. I look forward to reading your blog.

  7. Hello - I've popped over from Lily's Quilts to say hi too. Love your writing style and I'm looking forward to reading about your crafty exploits!

  8. Hi there - hmmm.... guess where I've come from too! Such a great idea. Can see we'll get along. I'm signed up for the Hex-along (though yet to make one) and the Farmers Wife QAL too. I'm Jan, from Cornwall UK.

  9. I love ugly fabric. (Check out some of the quilts I've unapologetically made.) Why 3? (I like pi.)

  10. Hi, I'm Lynne. I have signed up for NSBMU too.
    I like your style of writing; it appeals to my humour.

    Please come over and visit my blog.

  11. Thanks for the giggle! Thanks to Lily for pointing the way.

  12. I've been lurking on your blog for a couple weeks after discovering you're doing two of the same QALs as me. I love your take on the Farmer's Wife quilt and have been telling myself that I can't start that one until I reduce my pending projects. :)

  13. Hi there Al, I have previously checked out your blog too, from flickr I think. I love your owl motif, very cool! I'm with you on the geeks being chic and the number 3, but not the monkeys - they scare me...wizard of Oz hangover I think!!

    I found you again through Lynne's linkup x

  14. haha. I love your line, "Sometimes I find fabric that I think is so ugly that I buy it because I feel bad for it." If you lived in my neighborhood, I'd let you go thru my stash! :-)
    Anyway, thanks for the fun post - glad mom cut you off & you are off running with your own quilting. Very cool!

  15. 3 is my favourite number too!! I'm new to the world of quilting, and yeah... I have to be careful, otherwise I'm going to be buying waaaaaaaay too much fabric!! *swoon* So much goodness...

    New follower from Lily's xx

  16. So yeah. You and I are going to get along just fine. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and not because of anything ghoulish, necessarily, but it is the one time of year you can wear just about anything and not just are you not chastised for it, you're ENCOURAGED! Love that. I just decided this morning what my husband and I were going to be this year, but it will definitely take some creative sewing and crafting...I can't wait!

    Looking forward to seeing your creations also! (Quilts and otherwise, of course.)

  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was in denial about inheriting the quilting gene until college. Came over from the small blog meegt and so glad i did! I don't buy the ugly fabric, I just judge it and then feel bad about it later... you must have a bigger heart then me ;)

    I like your honest and energetic style of blogging. it makes me smile. you know, the kind of creepy smile that kids who have had too much ice cream/sugar get. happy blogging! can't wait to see what else you're working on.



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