Friday, August 5, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday - August

I have a calendar alert on my phone for FQ Friday. Today I was down at my LQS as she was opening the door.

Excited much?
Who me?

The project for my FQ Friday for this month doesn't even really take a FQ. It could probably be a scrap project.
I've got no complaints about having fabric left over from a single FQ, tho.

I made myself a little drink cozy. Mainly because I've been drinking a lot of ice cold things in this horrid Atlanta heat. I'd end up with wet hands. Then threads were sticking to me and I was making lil wet spots on my fabric.

Not any more!

It's super simple. I know there's probably already a zillion +1 tutorials out there. I wanted to make one that was just mine.

I cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of batting 11 1/2" x 4".
Then I stacked them all together and lined each end up on my 45 degree mark on my cutting board.
Then I decided to make a lil' sandwich.

...only to find my panini bread stolen from the fridge.

Fabric sandwich it is then! 

You're going to want to include your closure in that sandwich. You can use a piece of elastic. Or a ribbon.
I used a hair tie. 'Cause I had it.
Let's just ignore the stitched edge here. Someone got excited and stitched without putting the closure in. Ahem...
Seam ripped an opening and re-stitched! 

Stitch it all together 1/4" from the edge. You're gonna want to leave an opening to turn between 1-2" wide. I left mine open on the bottom.

Turn right side out! 
I use a chopstick.

The next part is really up to you. I imagine at some point I'll make myself another one and do a cross-hash quilting across the whole thing.
Today I really wanted to sew some more Farmer's Wife blocks so I just stitched around the entire edge (being sure to fold in my open bottom). 

Next I needed a button.
Clearly not an issue in this house. 
Ohh. Look what's on top of the jar: 
I pick that one! 

To find out where I wanted the button I wrapped my cozy around my can then pulled at the elastic. 
You can certainly mark where you want it with a dot. I just left my thumb there when I pulled it off. 

Stitch on your button. Then wrap up that drink! 

I like the open side of it because sometimes I get something slightly sticky on my fingers and I like to rub them quickly on a cold can to take the stickiness off.

Now I'm not getting my hands wet unless I want to.

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  1. cute coozie, cozy, whatever you want to call it. I'm with ya on the Atlanta heat. Just down here in Newnan and took my daughter to a birthday party at the pool tonight. I thought it would be okay because it was at 5:30. Wrong, I was wrong. SOOOOOOO hot!


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