Friday, August 5, 2011

Farmer's Friday with bonus KQAL pics!

I thought about doing three separate posts today since I knew I was going to be doing FQ Friday as well as my normal Farmer's Wife update.

I do love the number three. But to spare clogging up y'all's blog streams I thought it'd be best to just throw my KQAL pics in with my Farmer's Wife update.

Three blocks this week!
It puts me at ten total. Which is no where near where I wanted to be but I'm proud of my three.

Bat Wing, Bowtie and Box:
I didn't realize until now that this week was so very B filled. 
Somehow I missed Bat's Wing so I went back to pick that one up before continuing on so that I can keep doing them all in order. 

Now the bonus!

Today I learned that apartments + taking pictures of quilts = annoying.
Two more months until I'm outta here.
And better pictures for y'all then.

I had to sacrifice light a little in order to get a fuller picture. To get these I draped the quilt over the upstairs walkway rail then went halfway down the steps to get a pic. While standing on my tiptoes.
Good thing those neighbors didn't come out!

I like the splash of green on the back.
Some of my blocks are wonky but yanno...triangles.

My cat and I are currently having a fight about who gets to use this quilt.

I think I'm winning...


  1. Hi Allegory, I found you on Lily's and I think I fell in love with your blog ;-) I love the owl theme, I love your writing style and boy do I love Halloween fabrics. Since I was an Au Pair 10 years ago I love halloween and fabrics. The second best thing (right after finally being with my husband) about moving the the states (hopefully next year) will be having access to Jo-Anns' I cannot leave that store without buying Fat Quarters! I think this year I will finish my Halloween wall hanging UFO. Hope you come visit my blog, too. I will definitely put yours on my blog list.

  2. Yay for your kaleidoscope finish - congrats! Looks great!

  3. Hey, it does look great! I like the green!

  4. ah!!! your bat wing block has bat wings! hahahaha!
    ks looks great! love the pop of green on the back.

  5. I like your use of the plain bright green for the background.

  6. Oooo, your kaleidoscope quilt looks great! And the FW blocks are so fun. I want to see more :)


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