Friday, August 12, 2011

Farmer's Friday - Triangles are against me

I've been keeping a slight score tab. In my head.
If I put it on paper that'd just be silly.

It's me vs. triangles.

Until today I'd caught up.

Let's recap.

Triangles ate my machine. +10 for triangles
Finish my KQAL +10 for me
Knock out a gorgeous Farmer's Wife block last week +5 for me

Seam rip and redo two blocks three different times +10 for triangles

Stupid triangles.

I had the pieces for four blocks cut out this week.
I spent so much time redoing these two that the others will have to wait a minute.

Block #11 Broken Dishes:
I don't like those edges that are off. Only had to take this one apart once because somehow I made the center triangles matching instead of alternating.

Block #12 Broken Sugar Bowl:

Again that right edge is off. But I took this block apart twice. Bleh.
Not 100% about that purple fabric in this but it was one I hadn't used yet and I'm trying to get all my Halloween fabrics in this quilt.

The first time I messed up I put the top right block on upside down with the purple in the center.
The second time I took a picture just for y'all...

This war isn't over yet triangles.


  1. Yeah, but who won the Go, Baby? You can tell those triangles where to go. Plus 500 for you! Also...your Broken Sugar Bowl kinda looks like Frankenstein. I mean that in a great way, as it kinda goes with the whole Halloween theme, so please don't take it badly.

  2. You made me giggle so it's not all bad! Loving the fabric. I'm new to quilting and just doing a sampler quilt - I'm thinking they should be called triangryles. They make me so mad. I will win the fight though ;)

  3. You can conquer those little horned devils. Have you tried starching then before you cut? It really does help.

    Starch, iron until dry, starch again and iron until dry until the fabric is a little bit stiff. This will keel the fabric from stretching when you cut on the bias.

  4. Yep, I was just gonna give the same advice. You need to starch the crap out of the squares long before the bias is exposed. And I always use the 2 squares RST method for making hsts which means the bias is sewn before it can ever be exposed. Do you know what I mean?

  5. Ooo! I think I'm over the whole idea before I even begin!! LOL

  6. you're doing great, but you need starch! Also measure and trim as you go, your rotary cutter is your friend! A book that helpded me is Harriet Hargraves Quilters Academy Freshman Year, I'm working my way through it now


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