Monday, August 22, 2011

Color driven

I'm spending the night winding down trying to pick my palette for the Dead Simple QAL at Lily's Quilts.

I love color. When I was younger I had to bug my parents to drive to a larger city so we could get a color wheel.

I've always had an eye for color. Pairing colors was the reason I started creating. I painted first. I still paint. It was dorm/apartment living that drove me towards fabric. Oils weren't allowed because of ventilation issues. And then I found I could mix my colors with fabric choices.

It's strange to me to be looking at put-together palettes. Normally I'll find one color/fabic/tone and start to pull from there. I let that first choice lead the way.

For this quilt I wanted to follow along and pick a palette. The challenge for me will be to not veer off.

My favorites so far:

I'm leaning towards that last one. Primarily because I've been missing the farm a lot. 

An old photo from the farm gives me this palette, which is also an option. 

I'll let it sit for a couple of days and see what happens. 


  1. I love Design Seeds - that second palate is especially nice!

  2. I looked at Design Seeds yesterday and the day before and I gave up - for now ;-) Too many great palettes! I might go with one of the mineral palettes since this is what I study and it narrows down the options ;-)

  3. It does seem like a fun idea for a QAL - will I, won't I?

    BTW, I love both your palettes (which is unusual because I lean towards bright colours).

  4. I could spend way too much time looking through the different palettes so I haven't let myself go there yet. I really like your second one, and the one you linked to. I love that citron-y color.


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