Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WiP Wednesday - With a still broken machine

I miss my machine. He needs a name. I don't know why I think it's a boy...just feels right.



I'm still haunted by the chicken fabric. Here's a new pic with the other fabric I need to use with it:


FWQAL: Up to four blocks still. Woo. I'm still surprised about how in love with this long-term project I am. I'm finding myself frustrated when I don't get a chance to work on it. Still planning on making updates on Fridays.

A basket of all my prints. Joined and ironed. (I was forced to iron the night the machine broke in order to still be accomplishing something. I think my machine and my iron are planning...)
Still behind on this. I should have my blocks put together this week. I'm really not used to my loner machine yet, though.


Look at those pretty strips. Yummy. Can't wait for the next step on this one. Who would have thought I'd like a rainbow quilt?

Mother's Keeper: Still need to piece the back. I caught an amazing sale on batting though so the second I get that back together I'll be working through this.

On Hold: 
Bottled Rainbows

Non-Quilt Projects:
Batman Bags: I don't even want to talk about it. This is the most doom filled project I've ever done. You know what I said right before my machine broke? "Oh's still early..30 more triangles and I'll sew some bags today." *machine dies*
Maybe it wasn't triangles that killed my machine. But Batman....

WiPs: 6
Finished: 0

You guys know the drill. Head over to Lee's and link it up. It'll give you the chance to totally show everyone how you're better than finishing things than me. ;)


  1. I like your fabrics for your zigzag. I completely understand about a broken machine. I felt like someone had taken away an appendage. Then my computer got a virus. Two appendages at once! It will all work out!

  2. It looks like you have some really nice quilts for when you get your machine back! I'm just waiting for mine to seek revenge for the quilting I tried to make it do a few weeks ago. I know it's waiting on that very last seam of my next quilt to get even with me :)

  3. Thanks Kelly! I'm tellin' you...don't let your machine and iron talk to each other..the iron will give it bad ideas

  4. if you want to come over and use my sewing machine when I get home you are more than welcome. Perhaps we watch some girlie romance movies while you piece together and I knit.


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