Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Triangles are not my friend.

Honestly, I kinda sorta don't even want to count this week. My loaner machine is a beast and there's triangles everywhere.
But I for one have always liked when my artistic/creative friends have shown me the disastrous parts of the process. So I'm doing that here. Because I like you guys.


Hexalong I'm still driving myself crazy over fabric choices over here.

The ugly chicken project: I got nothin'. I taped the fabric up on my wall to taunt inspire me. It's not working.

ZZQAL: I'm caught up. Yay! I posted pictures for it last week

FWQAL: The shop still has my machine. And there's a million tiny triangles on my desk that I don't trust to the loaner...I'm afraid of this machine, y'all. I can be a big girl and admit that. It's loud and clunky and I think there's a monster in it. 

KQAL: I got brave and tried to catch up. It went....not so well...

I went from "a little off" to "umm...crap" to "Ahhhhhh!". The "ahhhh!" is the part near the top of this picture. I've got to get up the nerve to become friends with the seam ripper again. 

Mother's Keeper: Still waiting to be sandwiched. 

On hold:
Bottled Rainbows: I need to just jump into this. I would like something finished before breaking out this fabric. (Although that didn't stop me from doing the Hexalong...but still....)

Non-quilt projects:
Batman Bags: I'm still convinced Batman killed my machine

WiPs: 7
Completed: 0

Head on over to Lee's and link it up! 

I certainly hope that y'all's week wasn't as failboat as mine ;) 


  1. Sorry your machine is in the shop. I've been there and it just sucks. Sorry, no other word for it. But I'm like you. I report the good progress as well as the bad. The kaleidoscope doesn't look bad so it must be an up close thing. I hope things get better this week!

  2. oh, those larger ripping sessions are a killer, aren't they? but the green you are using for a background in the KQAL is just wonderful, so serene.

  3. Poor girl. :) You do make me giggle. Fun post. I sure hope you get your own machine back very soon and have better times. :D

  4. A good friend of mine shared this brilliant advice: name your seam ripper. But not just any name... name it a sexy, studly name. Then, when you go to spend some time with your seam ripper, you'll be far more excited to say "I'm going to go cuddle up on the couch with Ricardo". Totally makes it more exciting. Even if you are still just seam ripping. ;)

  5. I've been thinking about the ugly chicken project and I have nothing. Sounds like you need a glass of wine


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