Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WiP Wednesday - Oh hai Batman!

I made a deal with myself y'all. I would not under any circumstances sit down to do this WiP Wednesday post until I had Batman Bags...

I'm really surprised that it's not midnight right now...Seriously.


I'm so proud. I didn't commit to anything new this week. There were a couple of things I thought about but I know I need to clear things out. 

Hexalong: Fabric choices a go-go. I might throw some ideas up on Flickr to see what the group things.

The ugly chicken project: I have an idea! I'm drawing up hexie templates this afternoon. I just need to decide on size.

KQAL: I've got the batting for this. I still need to re-piece the top and make the back for it. But the end is near!

ZZQAL: The next step went up! And it's cutting so I'll have that banged out within the next couple of days.


Made some more progress. I'm still terribly behind. But that really isn't phasing me. I know that there will be weeks where I'll do three or four blocks and that'll catch me up quick. I love this QAL more and more each week. 

Mother's Keeper: Are you really surprised to find that it is still just a quilt top? Ug.

On hold:
Bottled Rainbows: This is coming off the hold list soon. If not next week then the week after.

Non-Quilt Projects:
Batman Bags: Holy finished bags, Batman! Yes *bags* with an 's'. I figured since I was sitting down to do one I can just do two. That way I've got a backup.

Really nothing fancy since they're for my guy. I can't tell you how glad I am to have these done.

WiPs: 6
Completed: 1

Even though I've got a lot of projects at a standstill this still feels like a week of progress for me.
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