Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WiP Wednesday -'I didn't make the Batman Bags' edition

It's Wednesday again!

This one is bursting with some major progress on one project to the almost complete exclusion of all others. Huzzah? Maybe?



Farmer's Wife QAL: As mentioned on Friday, I joined up with the FWQAL. I'm slightly sad to say that my catch-up attempts this weekend were some epic fail.
I did one block.

It's something right?

I'll have more blocks done by Friday. I might do one tonight. I obviously need to trim that one. The bottom is a lil crooked. Stupid triangles...just line up.


That is an overflowing basket of strips that need to be ironed. But I caught up! Except for that ironing part. I have the most busted ass ironing situation right now. I'd take a picture...but I'd fear you'd all laugh at me. It's so jacked that I burn myself. Constantly. Someday we'll move and I'll buy a grownup ironing board. 

I'm noticing a trend here. Where I work on one QAL and ignore the other. So they're getting alternating weeks. But you see that...I have put it right next to my sewing machine. There is no way I can ignore it. Unless I put it into the *Corner of Abandoned-but-I'm-Still-Promising-To-Do-Them Projects* (which will be highlighted below).

Mother's Keeper:
I pieced this whole top this weekend. It went much much better than I expected. With some sewing machine issues that we're just not going to discuss....because they were all my fault.
Close-up teaser pic as proof:

On hold:
Bottled Rainbows

Non-Quilt Projects:
Right then. You know those Batman bags I mentioned last week?
And that Corner that I mentioned above?

The fabric was sitting on top of the Top Hat. I pulled it down for the pic...then immediately put it back in its corner.
That Top Hat has needed some glue for...oh I don't know...5 months now? And that's a felting project that I want to do in the tupperware. But felting is annoying. And it's not fabric.

My darling even asked about the bags this week. As I was working on my mom's quilt.
Clearly, I didn't do them. I'm blaming the holiday weekend. Or the iron. That iron just causes trouble for everyone.

Seeing as how I told him that I'd have them done by June and it was July, my sweetheart decided it would only be fair to not let me have any ice cream. 
Totally uncalled for.

It's alright tho'. I'm going to Whipstich. Which is right next to the best panini store in the whole wide world. And I'm gonna send him a picture.

Then maybe come home and sew some Batman bags.

WiPs: 5
Finished: 0


  1. But I love the FW block! It may just be one but I love it! I'm still crazy about the fact that you are bucking the system and going Halloween! I love when people choose to be different. I actually picked a few fat quarters like that top fabric on your KQAL. Can't wait to use it! You're doing fine as long as you're moving forward!

  2. I was tempted to start on the Farmer's wife quilt along but when i realized that I would have to use templets, I opted out! Your block looks great!

  3. love the halloween fabrics!!

  4. I need to get started on a quilt. Once the stupid craft supply buying ban is up

  5. That ban is bordering on cruel punishment. What kind of fabrics do you like? I need to destash a little.


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