Friday, July 1, 2011

What's in the box? Is that....? Oh yes it is.

I did it. On top of the two QAL that I have right now. And the Bottled Rainbows. And the quilt for my mother. And the two patterns that I dreamed of and I’m trying to design (Do you see why I don’t write to-do lists? They could cause a panic attack…or waste a lot of paper). And the contest that I signed up for today. (I think I have a complex where I feel unproductive if I’m not working on five things at once. I should seriously look that up).

I signed up for the Farmer's Wife QAL.

I couldn’t help it. The day I heard about it I went to Joann’s to get some fabrics for KQAL. All of my fabrics were on sale so I had an still unused 40% coupon. Of course I wanted to find something. Can’t just walk out of the store. That poor coupon would feel unloved.

On a whim, I browsed the book wall. I don’t know what the book wall looks like at your Joann’s but at mine…it’s a war zone. Books are on top of each other, sideways, in piles on the ground…there’s no “quick” browsing over there. I looked for about 5 minutes. Then I gave up. And was just going to get another ruler. As I turned to leave the section, I tripped over the book.

It was the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Book.

Clearly…this was a sign. So I bought it. Then I spent that night flipping through it trying to decide if I just wanted to pull from scraps as I’d seen people in the group..or….what….

This…is where the box comes in.
Let’s take a peek.

Is that? Could it be? Oh..yes….yes it is.

That is a twelve pound box of Halloween fabric. Since I was in college I’ve been collecting pieces of Halloween fabric. I honestly didn’t think I had that much. It all ended up in some Rubbermaid container at my mother’s house. I had her send it to me…and I’ve been pulling pieces out in joy for days.
I have never found a project good enough to justify my precious precious Halloween fabric.
Until now.

I am making my entire Farmer’s Wife quilt in Halloween fabrics. Straight from my stash….and the occasional FQ I pick up like the two I grabbed at the shop today. I can't resist buying Halloween fabric. 

I know that I’m 10 blocks behind but I’ve got a long weekend and I’m honestly hoping that I can catch up.
I’ve been thinking about this quilt all day. I printed out the templates before work. Then in a moment of brilliance went to get them laminated. They wanted $3 a page…at 15 pages…..My brain screamed “That’s at least 4 yards of fabric!”

One trip to Wal-Mart and $5.76 later, I’ve got a DIY method.

So tonight I’ll be laminating my templates. Because 1) I never found that damn template plastic. And 2) I figure these templates are going to get a lot of use between myself and my mother. I can’t stand the idea of printing them and cutting them out and transferring to plastic…or freezer paper…or cardboard. Too much paper cutting! So I realized I could just laminate the paper. Lasting templates.


I'll be making progress reports every Friday on here. I just like the idea of Farmer Fridays. 

So that, my dears, is what was in the box. An absolutely insane project.

How can any girl go wrong with 111 blocks made out of Halloween fabric tho'?

Linking this up to Lily's Quilts because it's a FWQAL edition of Fresh Sewing. And I did spend an insane amount of time in June deciding on this fabric for my FWQAL.


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! What a cool idea. I love it! Yours will have quite the edge using such a completely different type of fabric for such a traditional type of quilt. Bravo!

  2. Why thank you! I know it'll either turn out completely crazy or awesome. I really can't wait to start piecing!

  3. OMFG. If I didn't already love your writing style, seeing a 12 lb box of halloween fabric woulda cinched it. You're my kinda girl! I cannot WAIT to see your FW!

  4. I honestly cannot wait to see your progress on the FWQAL with your precious halloween fabrics - what a fantastic idea! I have just a few halloween fabrics and always stop myself from using them. The FW is SO fun - hope you enjoy it.

  5. There will never be enough halloween fabric in my stash, Bree. Evers! I'm glad you stumbled across my crazy world! You seem like someone I'd really like to get to know. :)

    I think it's going to be super fun, Karen. I cut out all the templates last night and I'm going to try to get a couple of blocks done before Weds. I'll post them all on here and flickr

  6. Great idea - love halloween fabric myself but only made some bunting with it - your idea so much more daring!

  7. Thanks Nicky!
    I'm so relieved to see that people don't think I'm completely nuts for this.

  8. I want a 12 pound box of fabric on my door step..... or yarn.... either one

  9. I can totally make the yarn happen. We both know I'm not using it.


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