Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Thought Process

I think I might have an idea y'all.

It came about in a completely roundabout fashion...but it just might work.

Remember that chicken fabric? And the other random chicken fabrics that keep appearing in my life?

Here's a pic again to remind you of the fabric that started the chicken chaos:

....Chickens chickens everywhere. I think I've somehow acquired 4 more pieces of chicken fabric after I got those first ones. I'll have to check.

Anywho...throughout the course of the day I was thinking about what to do for that contest at my LQS. I hate not having solid ideas. 

Then I was talking to a friend about how awesome my mom is because she sent me a box of charm squares from her stash.
And in it I found a square with bees on it. I love that square. No reason why. Just instant love.

Two hours later I was thinking about starting hexies soon and gathering more fabric for it because I want to make a queen size.

Which led to me realizing an hour later that a hexie quilt looks like a honeycomb (not the most original idea..I know..) and maybe I'd also like to make a hexie quilt that had random bee hexies in it.

*Then* an hour later it hit me that chicken wire looks hexie-like to me. And I can do a quilt-as-you-go hexie wall hanging incorporating all those chicken fabrics. 

Yeah. Yeah? 

The only thing I'm unsure about now is that red fabric. My first instinct would be to change it to a green fabric that would look like grass. But that just doesn't seem crazy enough for me. 

At least it's an idea. 

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  1. Cute! I like it! How big of a project do you have to create?


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