Friday, July 22, 2011

Farmer's Friday

I got brave. I sat down and had a lil' talk with the temporary machine (which I named George)

George agreed to be nice to some FWQAL blocks.


One of the blocks is kinda crooked 'cause George ate a couple of corners. So I decided to do the blocks a lil' out of order for this week and not chance my luck with more than two (and certainly not try #7).

Block #6 and #8.

#6 is obviously going to need some trimming (thanks George....) but I am insanely proud of #8. 

Progress feels good. I love these blocks. I'm itching to do more but George needs a time-out. 

In other news I got goodies in the mail. 

I won a scrap pack from Sew Fresh Fabrics at Lily's Quilts. This pack is amazing. That picture is maybe 1/4 of everything in it. Every time I glance at the stack I see a new piece of fabric to fall in love with. I certainly think I can start Bottled Rainbows now. Some of this might also end up in her Hexalong ;)
Thank you Lynne!

I also got a box full of scraps from a sweet sweet person over on Craftster who was moving and didn't want to tote scraps with her. I've barely opened the box....
Oh hello chicken fabric....

I'm really trying not to take this as some sort of sign.

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  1. LOL! Oh my, more chickens! That is so funny, I don't even know if I have words!
    Congrats on the fabric win! And I think you're right, #8 is lovely!


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